27 January 2011

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 Oh, hey, new friends! Welcome! *waves*

So, what's new?
My internship at the bookstore ended at the end of December. I did fine, apparently, but not good enough to land a job there. But in any case, it was a great experience and I learned a lot. Now I'm back in school and considering my options.
I applied for a summer job at the Museum Center and am keeping my fingers crossed. Showing people around the Turku Castle or something for living would be pretty awesome (though I'd probably be stuck at the reception or something. But still.)
But I probably need to get at least a part-time job till then because study books are expensive and being piss-poor is no fun anyway. At least Tommi has a job now, though I can tell it's making him a bit miserable.

The ideal situation would be getting a job from a bookstore because depending on whether or not my six months' internship counts, I could be a graduated librist in 2 to 2,5 years. That would be much more practical than taking the long road and going through school and maybe after ten years have a some kind of minor History degree.
I mean, history is my passion and right now the bi-weekly (is that a word?) Art History classes are what's keeping me going, but I realize it's not a practical dream, at least not right now. Ah well, that's life.


Ugh, I was supposed to talk about the new Being Human episode, but then I got distracted by Tommi watching Sons of Anarchy on the couch behind me, and then Primeval was unexpectedly on and I've wanted to check that out for a long time. 

Tomorrow, then.


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