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So much for the New Year's resolution, huh? Ugh, I suck.

I've been thinking, though. Maybe I would learn to write my thoughts down more often if I posted something at least once every week. A Top 5 list. I already have many thought out.
But I'm not gonna start today because first things first:

I finally managed to get around to watching SyFy's Alice.
For those of you who don't know, it's a modern cyberpunk/steampunk/magitek/psychedelia twist on Alice In Wonderland.

The Mad Hatter, for example, is perhaps not that mad (in fact, he only goes by "Hatter"), but he's young and scruffy-hot and dresses like an Irish pimp from the 70's. Or, well, Doyle. And he's effectively a drug dealer, and a bit of a chaotic mess, but with noble intentions when the push comes to shove. Basically, your typical lovable rogue.

Alice does tumble into the Wonderland through the Looking Glass when she follows the White Rabbit, while wearing a blue dress (a groovy 60's -styled one, with red stockings and purple ankle boots). But she's decidedly not a helpless little blonde. She's around 25 and teaches karate for living, so even though she may be emotionally crippled due to abandonment issues, she's also assertive and tough as nails. She's a serious, straight-laced heroine; pale, dark-haired and steely-eyed. So when she's thrown to have wacky adventures with Hatter... I think you can guess the inevitable. ;p

Also in the mix are many other familiar-yet-unfamiliar characters like the White Knight, Dodo, Caterpillar, and of course the mad Red Queen and her playing card kingdom.

There are lots of twists and turns, and actually you'll benefit from not thinking of them too much because if you do, pretty much nothing makes any sense at all. And I don't mean just absurd Wonderland stuff. It feels a bit choppy and rushed, and sometimes probably drags on too long. And sometimes it's just plain hammy. But well, one can't properly enjoy Doctor Who either if one stops to think about all the impropablities.
So it's not perfect, but a valiant and very likeable try nonetheless. I for one won't mind watching it again. And I kind of would have wanted more.

And what prompted me to watch it? I must admit: YouTube videos. It kept popping up in the videos on my recs page all the time, and then I remembered [livejournal.com profile] lostarkeo 's raving about it and decided to check them, and... the ship seemed to have potential. *sheepish grin*
Bearing that in mind, I must admit I didn't get it at first. He kind of got on my nerves (which probably wasn't helped by the fact that his initial behaviour combined with his looks - especially when his eyes darken and he bares his teeth, ugh - reminded me way too much of a certain unpleasant figure from my past.) and she just seemed too distracted for them to really click. But he eventually grew on me and despite the shaky start the actors did a good job at building up the connection later on.
Especially commendable is the very ending. Not very many on-screen pairings manage to have so genuinely heartwarming and squeal-inducing last minute hookup, so bravo. "Finally." Guh.
I also had to giggle at her mum's expression. Just imagine your daughter has ran after her boyfriend after a tiff, she's found unconscious from an alley after apparently running face first into a wall and brought to hospital by some random construction worker, and when she's recovered said construction worker wants to come check on her. At the sight of him, your daughter yelps something unintelligible and quite literally throws herself into his arms, proceeding to snog his face off. Fun times. :D
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