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Okay, I don't really have anything better to do at the moment, so...

Pick 25 movies/comic books/video games/literary works/tv shows and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. Extraordinarily Empowered Girls kill zombies with bells.

2. An apathetic virgin gets press-ganged into collecting dead people and hanging out in a diner with her dysfunctional co-workers. (Dead Like Me[livejournal.com profile] curari)

3. An old man spends several lifetimes convincing hot young things to join him inside an ancient (time traveling) phone box. He is routinely harassed by tin men, Nazi pepperpots and his old college buddies. (Doctor Who[livejournal.com profile] casanovasi)

4. A Badass Bookworm Englishman kills a lot of Frenchmen, can't get any Plunder, marries a wife he doesn't like and another he does like, and broods a lot.

5. A scientist and a nazi commando help criminals escape, then run and hide from the authorities.

6. Two people meet on a train. They do not plan a murder. They are both exactly who they claim. There are no series of humorous misunderstandings. They just talk for a bit and then have sex. (Before Sunrise[livejournal.com profile] narquelie19 )

7. A young woodsman embarks on a mystical quest with an elderly wizard, a beautiful woman who mind-rapes people with her eyes, and a reformed dominatrix. Along the way they collect magical objects, rescue villagers, and try not to doom the world by having sex.

8. A guy minding his own business gets roped into reclaiming a mine. (The Hobbit[livejournal.com profile] casanovasi)

9. Two brothers, along with a sandwich delivery boy and a coffee-loving FBI agent, examine questions of morality and legality while cursing profusely. Their estranged father, an Irish comedian, puts their doubts to rest. (The Boondock Saints[livejournal.com profile] suomigoth )

10. Several minorities suffering from segregation and discrimination in a middle American town fight over a girl.

11. Opinionated young woman meets snob and doesn't like him, until it turns out that she does.

12. A blonde high-school age female solves a crime every episode with the help of her African-American male friend, trusty dog, and protective father while she struggles to fit into the high school social scene. (Hint: it's not Nancy Drew.) (Veronica Mars[livejournal.com profile] curari)

13. Two disgraced angels try to exploit a loophole in Catholicism to kill God and destroy the universe, and it's up to an abortion clinic worker, two stoners, a stripper, and the 13th Apostle to stop them. And there's a monster made out of crap. (Dogma, [livejournal.com profile] korppis )

14. A man and woman who get fired and/or demoted frequently argue about who's right (usually the man) while their boss looks uncomfortable, their nemesis smokes, their family and friends get killed off, and they try to deny - unsuccessfully - that they are sleeping together. (The X-Files[livejournal.com profile] korppis 

15. Two doctors and a solicitor from London must kill their neighbor because of his dental problems. (Dracula[livejournal.com profile] casanovasi)

16. A bald old man in a wheelchair who likes watching teenagers sweat founds a school for people with genetic abnormalities. They fly everywhere in a supersonic jet and fight giant robots, a fat guy with a big appetite and a magnetic Holocaust survivor. (The X-Men[livejournal.com profile] korppis )

17. Siblings argue over how to inherit their father's legacy. (Baldur's Gate[livejournal.com profile] korppis)

18. Orphan discovers his parents enrolled him in boarding school before they died. He kills one of his teachers and doesn't want to go home for the summer. He's the hero. (Harry Potter[livejournal.com profile] korppis )

19. A supermodel genius with abandonment issues teams up with the group she thought she was working for to bring down the team pretending to be the other team. Then she goes back to working for the team she didn't know she was really working for when the real team hires the fake team to be on their team. Also, there's magic water. (Alias[livejournal.com profile] casanovasi)
20. A French violinist forms a rock band, pisses off all of his old friends, and gets kidnapped by an Egyptian nymphomaniac. (Queen of the Damned[livejournal.com profile] casanovasi)

21. A recovering addict, a neurotic in denial, and a woman with serious confidence issues share a house in Bristol. (Being Human[livejournal.com profile] casanovasi )

22. A rich white guy goes to Asia to drink and flirt, gets a new suit, and leaves with a new enlightened outlook on life. (Iron Man[livejournal.com profile] casanovasi )

23. A cheerleader, a nerd, a slacker and the school librarian fight the horrors of American High School while their lives turn into a soap opera. Beloved people die with depressing regularity. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer[livejournal.com profile] korppis )

24. A multi-cultural couple should get together for love of a vacuum cleaner, but they don't. (Once[livejournal.com profile] narquelie19 )

25. Wolverine hires David Bowie to build a teleporter so he can frame Batman for murder.  (The Prestige[livejournal.com profile] casanovasi)

EDIT: Aaaannddd... The rest would be:

1. The Abhorsen Trilogy (book series)
4. Hornblower (book/tv series)
5. Farscape.
10. True Blood.
11. Pride & Prejudice. Duh. ;p
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