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I think I'm starting to get a cabin fever from all this extra free time in my hands this week. So I obsess over things at random, latest obsession being Band of Brothers (HBO 2001).
I haven't watched it as I sadly do not have it in my possession (as soon as I have money again I'll order it from Play.com as a belated birthday present for myself, I swear), but somebody posted a BoB picspam on [livejournal.com profile] fandom_picspams a couple of days back and there I went again.
I've seen it two or three times now, but it's one of those films/series that actually benefits from multiple viewings as it has such a huge ensemble cast it's a bit difficult to keep track on who's who among the skinny, dark-haired white guys in nearly identical combat gear.
So when you watch it again and start to connect the names with the faces, you'll probably also find yourself going: "Wait a minute, is that...?" Yeah, it probably is.

Yup, the terrifying Speirs is none other than Matthew Settle from Gossip Girl (guess getting to play one of the baddest badasses of the 20th century is a once in a lifetime opportunity and after it you have to take what you get...). Yeah, that's Michael Fassbender hanging out in the background, smoking cigarettes and cracking jokes with his friends as Burton 'Pat' Christenson. Yes, it's Andrew-Lee Potts who gets brutally and unnecessarily killed in The Last Patrol. Jamie Bamber is the hapless German-American POW who gets offered some very fatal cigarettes (EDIT: Oops, sorry, no he isn't. He played Captain Jack Foley and that POW just looks way too much like him), and Tom Hardy is Janovec who is found humping some German floozy by Speirs. Marc Warren, Simon Pegg and James McAvoy also appear, as well as Jimmy Fallon. It's sick. :D

But anyway, I didn't even plan to babble about anything, I was just supposed to post this, because... well, it's amazing and Roe is ♥.

Oh, btw: I'm feeling a bit better now although I'm apparently anemic. Nothing some extra iron won't fix, though.
I still need to have an ultrasound scan and maybe some other examinations done, but I think I should be okay and can go back to work tomorrow.

ETA: Now that I think of it, maybe my little brother becoming the third reserve officer of my immediate family (this is the fourth generation) has something to do with this obsession. Only a little, though, probably. *shrug*
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