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 Okay, so. The big epic Being Human post. Since we're getting a new episode tomorrow I'd better do it now or I'll never get around to do it.

Where to even start?
It's back and it's glorious and after the gloomy and uneven second series and the long, long break it's so wonderful to see it's back in top form. Because at its best, Being Human is probably the best thing on TV lately. The quality of writing and acting, the sense of realism despite the supernatural themes, the inspired music choices (Girlfriend In A Coma? Genius!)...

I mean, I realize it's not for everyone. Some people want complete polished escapism from their TV shows, and Being Human is sometimes brutally real, shoving in your face very real issues and situations, and the characters are sometimes morons and do ugly things (and I mean in a REAL way, not in a sitcom way) because that's what being human is sometimes.

That's also why I'm bit iffy on the Syfy remake. I just feel it's unnecessary and I'm afraid it's not going to be able to get the point across as well. For example, the main trio all look like underwear models. Even George Josh. (Yeah, I know, I know. Anything else just wouldn't be profitable in the US and all that.) And from the clips I've seen, the chemistry just isn't there and none of them comes across as particularly likable.

Aidan just seems to be channeling Edward Cullen (or maybe Bill Compton), while Mitchell's whole point is that he's this huge happy-go-lucky Irish dork who looks after his friends and invites the whole neighborhood for tea and wears yellow and coos at babies, but then he's also a volatile, vicious blood addict who can slaughter that same neighborhood in a blink of an eye if you piss him off too badly.
I don't sense that kind of layers in Aidan. (Aidan the Syfy vampire, that is. Aidan Turner certainly has them.)

And Sally is whiny and self-absorbed and Josh's "awkward" behaviour is completely unrealistic and let's leave it at that. :p


But anyway, the new episode. I'm not going to write a deep-analysis or anything because that would take forever, so I'll just write down some random observations and things I liked etc.

- "I bet Heaven doesn't have chemical toilets." Way to be hilariously unprofessional, real estate lady. :D

- As someone on Tumblr said: "John Mitchell, cockblocking since 1900s." Probably since 1800s. *giggle* Poor Nina in her sexy lingerie. What on earth did Mitchell do with that radio? Try to get on purgatory wavelength?

- Nina being a medical professional who takes her job seriously and demands the boys treat poor dying Sean with respect. Awesome.

- "I’m doing this. I'll take everything they’ve got: Death, God, the Devil, none of it frightens me!" Oh Mitchell.

- "This is John." That was so interesting, I wonder why George introduced him as John. Nobody ever calls him John. Also, "Are you Death?" Oh Mitchell, don't look so taken aback, you look like you could be related to them. :D

- Lia was kind of amazing, and that was an amazing performance from Lacey Turner. More on that later.

- Hmm, they changed Mitchell's "recruitment" year from 1916 to 1917. It probably means nothing, but because I'm an obsessive history geek and he's Irish I can't help but wonder if he was already in France during the Easter Rising, and what he thought of that. He was probably a Home Rule supporter because he'd enlisted and all, or maybe he just didn't care one way or another. Like he told Bernie, back then in Ireland you didn't have very many career choices, especially if you weren't from Dublin, so maybe he just enlisted out of boredom. I've been thinking of this way too much. :D But the whole WW1 thing is such an interesting and unusual backstory for a vampire.

- "Must be a concept album." Aahahah.

- Such a great contrast between Arthur and Sally. It doesn't only show how jaded and vicious Mitchell got in 40 years, but also a certain ugly double standard. I mean, I don't know if he killed men any less brutally at that point, but... you get the point.

- Mitchell needed to go through that and hear all that and admit his guilt, but I also have a feeling Lia (maybe for the benefit of Them or just for personal revenge) is doing exactly that: playing mind games. Especially the whole thing with Annie and Mitchell. I can't decide if she was being purely manipulative when she said that to Annie, or if she was being half-sincere, like "Go and love him while you still can." She did look kind of regretful after Annie left, like she's sorry to get her involved.
And it's not like they wouldn't have gotten there eventually because DUH, but argh. Poor Annie is just probably too naive to question her motives for saying that and she doesn't know what Lia just put Mitchell through and he's not gonna tell and... argh. Curse you, Toby, for being a cruel genius.

- Also, I love Annie forever for prolonging her stay in the purgatory long enough to ask Lia what happened to her, genuinely concerned. Which is probably what made Lia feel a bit bad for all the awfulness they put her through.

- Oh, there's this tiny moment, just before we see Annie appear from the light, when it's like his whole being lights up in this really beautiful and subtle way, like he senses her before he even hears her. (Which isn't even all that unlikely given his violent physical reaction to Annie being torn to purgatory. They have an interesting bond for sure.) Guh, Aidan, you're awesome.

- Just... this. All this.

- "You saved me too." Another really interesting throwaway line. 'Cuz Mitchell has always either treated his women like crap or then put them on a pedestal, expecting them to be his salvation. And here he's saying she already has been. Way to get a clue, boy, she has always brought the best out of you anyway. :D

 They're so... Ugh, I can't handle them, they're breaking my heart already.
(Also, if the rumors are true and Lenora and Aidan are a RL couple, they're averting the trope about RL couples not being able to play romance etc. convincingly HARD.)

- Lol, (sort of) cockblocked by Wales. Also, was I the only one kind of thrown by Annie suddenly having perfect perm and make-up and different clothes? Does getting out of purgatory change your appearance if you're a ghost? Or power of love or epic hugging? Or Wales? IDEK.

- They were CRUEL to poor George and Nina. Cruel. But aaaahhhh, the OT4 montage. And teapot. And Mitchell's dorky dancing. And the hula. And Mitchell beaming away and Annie being completely unimpressed by the Hawaii theme, and George and Nina smooching cutely and Annie looking at Mitchell kind of like "Hey, shouldn't we be doing that too, you know?" and Mitchell just smiling back at her like a huge clueless, adoring puppy. Oh my heart.

- Of course, because this is Being Human, the sunshine and rainbows have a constant threat from some very dark clouds in the horizon. There are vampire-hunting werewolves, Mitchell's actions are going to catch up with him eventually, Herrick is back in one way or another; Nina might be pregnant now, and as completely adorable as they are, Mitchell and Annie are not going to have an easy path ahead of them 'cause not only do they both have their complicated relationship histories and respective supernatural states, transition from friends to something else is never without some complications, I think.

So, agree? Disagree? Did I forget something essential? I'm sure I did. Let's discuss!

Oh, I also have some fanfic recs (from the whole show) and songs I keep associating with certain characters and relationships and that I would vid if I knew how, but I think I'll make a separate post for them, this is already huge.
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