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- Reply to this post with ICON ME! and I will pick five of your icons.
- Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
- Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
- This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee

[livejournal.com profile] canadiangoddess  picked these:

This is The Morrígan. The Great Queen (or "The Phantom Queen", etymologists are still arguing over that one), an ancient Irish goddess of passion, battlefields and sovereignty, to put it simply. I was born on Samhain, 31st of October, which is kind of her day because of that connection to the Underworld. So in a weird way she's always felt close to me even though I'm not exactly a practicing pagan. I just remember how I felt in Ireland when I saw all those crows flying around. Felt right, somehow.
The Irish Gaelic phrase in the icon means something like "Of Morrígan of graves and tombs."

And then this. Éire. Ireland. My spiritual home in some funny, unexplainable way. I miss it.

Mitchell says this in an episode of Being Human, in a kind of hilarious, nonchalant way. Like "Yeah, we're bastards, how is that anything new?" which was such a refreshing look at it in the middle of the whole Twilight-induced vampire hysteria. And even though I've loved vampires ever since I've known how to read, it's just true, and with all these vampire shows and films and books around nowadays, it's a nice, funny reminder.

Oh, Jack and Elizabeth. My doomed, awesome, freedom-loving OTP. I'm pretty much over the whole thing now, but freedom is still a very important thing to me and that's one of the main reasons why I loved them. To freedom!

This is Calico Jack Rackham's flag, only one variation of the Jolly Roger among many but probably the most iconic in its simplicity.
Because Calico Jack was a drunk, rascally dandy who sailed with fierce lady pirates, I'm still a bit bitter that they didn't make it Jack's or even the Black Pearl's flag in POTC, but specifically Barbossa's. Oh well. ;p


There you have 'em, next I'm gonna watch some ice dancing and cheer for the Kerrs and then try to put my thoughts on Being Human together. Laters!
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Rougher than Death the road I choose
Yet shall my feet not walk astray,
Though dark, my way I shall not lose
For this way is the darkest way.

Set but a limit to the loss
And something shall at last abide
The blood-stained beams that form the cross
The thorns that crown the crucified;

But who shall lose all things in One,
Shut out from heaven and the pit
Shall lose the darkness and the sun
The finite and the infinite;

And who shall see in one small flower
The chariots and the thrones of might
Shall be in peril from that hour
Of blindness and the endless night;

And who shall hear in one short name
Apocalyptic thunders seven
His heart shall flicker like a flame
Twixt hell’s gates and the gates of heaven.

For I have seen your body’s grace,
The miracle of the flowering rod,
And in the beauty of your face,
The glory of the face of God,

And I have heard the thunderous roll
Clamour from heights of prophecy
Your splendid name, and from my soul
Uprose the clouds of minstrelsy.

Now I have chosen in the dark
The desolate way to walk alone
Yet strive to keep alive one spark
Of your known grace and grace unknown.

And when I leave you lest my love
Should seal your spirit’s ark with clay,
Spread your bright wings, O shining dove,—
But my way is the darkest way.

-Joseph Mary Plunkett, April 1916
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Went to see Once yesterday with my mom (yeah, it only came two bloody years late to Finland *rolls eyes*).
Quite a lovely little film, reminded me a lot of my beloved Before Sunrise, with a guy and a girl from two different cultures meeting randomly in a European capital and deciding to spend some time together and maybe falling in love in process.
Only instead of ten hours these two had a week and they spent it making music together in Dublin instead of just talking about anything and everything while wandering around Vienna like Jesse and Céline did.

Now I have Falling Slowly (which quite rightfully won an Oscar, even though it may not at first seem like a song that would) stuck in my head and am "homesick" for Dublin more than ever. It was fun seeing all those familiar places: the HMV on the Grafton Street where the nice salesgirl basically insisted we made use of the discount, St. Stephen's Green, the O'Connell Bridge... *sigh*
It will be probably a while before I can return, as our original plan to spend a weekend in Dublin in September with mom won't most likely work because it's very possible that me and Ella will be moving in together in September (which, on the other hand: yay!). Surprisingly enough she (my mom) did suggest that we'd go to Dublin in next April circa 24th so I can go lay flowers in front of the GPO. *smiles* I'd also like to visit the Arbour Hill and the Glasnevin Cemetery if we only have time.
I've also been thinking about maybe celebrating my 22nd birthday in Ireland. Halloween in Dublin could be an interesting experience. :D But we'll see...

Hmm. Okay. Forget Falling Slowly and instead go and have a listen of this.
That film was full of gorgeous music, but If You Want Me really stands out. <3

By the way, I had the strangest dream the other night. I somehow crossed paths again with my old junior high school crush and he ended up confessing he has loved me since those days almost ten years ago, and then we were kissing, which was nice, but even in that dream I was constantly thinking: "Okay, WTH is going on?". *chuckle*
In another part of the dream there also was this huge gorgeous butterfly in all the glimmering colors of the rainbow, which I think was supposed to symbolize something. Any thoughts on that? What are butterflies usually supposed to symbolize in dreams?
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Bleuh, I'm ill again. Fuckin' fantastic.

Remember when I told you about the pickpocketing incident in Dublin? Well, today when I got home I found a small brown envelope bearing the harp of Ireland and Dublin stamps (they'd written my address wrong, though :p). Inside was an official letter signed by the Superintendent of the Pearse Street Garda Station concerning said incident. I guess it was just a routine thing, letting me know that "progress has been made in this investigation and a person has been made amenable" etc. But it also said that I "may be required to attend court, if this happens you will be contacted and given the appropriate information and support". Now that would be an interesting excuse to go back to Ireland. :D
Got to give those guys respect again, they seem to be doing pretty effective work. \,,/


Anyways, I did some town-hopping over the weekend, main destination being Jyväskylä in order to offer some support and solace to one of the recent victims of this so-called "Breakup Season". We also bonded a bit more, which was lovely. :)
Because the public traffic between Turku and Tampere is fucked-up, I had to hang around in Tampere for two hours waiting for the train to leave. But it was okay, I just padded (I was forced to walk barefoot because my Docs are killing my feet) over to O'Connell's (my second Irish pub within three hours and 150 kms :D) where I predictably found Perttu and Sandi. So I hung out with the boys for two hours, drinking my second lonkero within three hours and 150 kms (I'm such a drunkard nowadays :D) and feeling very much at home. I'm so peeved that there are no decent Irish pubs in Turku. There's The Castle alright, but a) the age limit is bloody 24 b) no self-respecting Irishman/-woman would name their pub "The Castle" anyway. :p


On a completely unrelated note, I've just rediscovered my love for Farscape. Frell, it was some awesome dren. ;p
And when I earlier said how I rarely root for the canon OTP? Well, I apparently had forgotten that Aeryn and John pretty much blow every other pairing in the history (of television, at least) out of water.
Main part of it must be the absolutely amazing chemistry between Ben Browder and Claudia Black, how completely natural they are around each other and how well they play together. Whenever they share a frame, the screen all but melts. They could be sitting there crocheting or something and it would be exciting simply because they'd be there together.
But homage must also be paid to the writers of the show for their unusual romance that never in the course of four seasons and a mini-series became boring. And they didn't even have to add any love triangles (well, not in the traditional sense anyway...) there to spice things up.

One of the things that made the Farscape romances and friendships feel so realistic was the fact that the characters touched each other regularly, the casual way couples and friends and family members normally do. I guess it also tells something about the comfort level the cast had amongst themselves, because usually it shows on screen if the actors aren't entirely comfortable around each other.
And Ben and Claudia, they're entirely in a league of their own, they can't keep their paws off each other even off-screen! Not in particularly sexual way, mind, both are happily married to other people, but a good example was this Q&A session in some sci-fi convention where they first greeted each other with a funny little friend-kiss as a homage to their characters' passionate relationship after which Ben proceeded to drag his chair and microphone right next to Claudia's, and during the whole session you didn't even need to hear them say that, you could see from their body language (leaning towards each other in their chairs, Ben -upon noticing it kept falling on her eyes- pausing mid-sentence to affectionately brush Claudia's hair off her face etc.) they are close.
They acted like really close siblings or childhood friends or old marrieds. It was such a blessing to watch. :) Here's the first part in case someone's interested.

But as a conclusion: go watch Farscape, it's frelling awesome. \,,/
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Ugh. My feet hurt and I'm bloody exhausted.

But I guess that's what you get for jumping and dancing like crazy for some three hours in a row and then going to work where you spend five hours in a row on your feet. And only sleeping like 2,5 hours in between.

Jumping and dancing was due to a Flogging Molly gig at Tavastia last night, and boy, let no one ever say the Irish can't throw a hella good party. If after a gig you're covered in sweat, Guinness and cranberry lonkero, your feet are sore and you have an ecstatic grin on your face, it's never a bad sign. :D
There is no doubt whatsoever that the Mollies live up to their reputation as an excellent live band. I don't think I've ever seen a Finnish audience go crazy like that, and in a good way. Dave King (the lead-man) said as much, something along the lines that he didn't think there can be a people as crazy as the Irish until he was introduced to the Finnish audiences. :D
It's that spiritual kinship again I guess, as the Irish are in a way like our rowdier, more lively cousins. Good thing, then, that they obviously like to play here. Because when Flogging Molly's in the house, the Finns momentarily lose their sullen cool and become a bit more lively and rowdy too, in the best way possible.

I wish we'd had time to grab a drink or two in Molly Malone's because I'm sure the atmosphere would have been amazing and perhaps even some of the band members would have showed up (although there was no lack of seeing them at Tavastia either, the guys casually walked around mingling with the crowd after the gig) as they have another Tavastia show tonight. But well, there are night buses to catch and work to do. *sigh*

Pseudo-philosophical and possibly somewhat incoherent ponderings on ethics, history etc. )

But guess I should end my incoherent ramblings now and go get some sleep. G'night, kittens.
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Right. I have been writing this entry for over two weeks now, so I guess it's high time to get it posted already.
I wanted to post this yesterday alongside some other Ireland-related ponderings, but life decided to intervene. The said other ponderings will have to wait, then.
You can expect them soon, though, but first things first. A warning, though: the following account of our adventures between 6th and 7th of April in Ireland is long. "Like, Tolstoy long" to quote Agent Michael Vaugh from Alias. Try to bear with me, aye?

The Irish Experience pt. II )
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Greetings from the Emerald Isle (and it's not a myth, everything really is a lot more green over here) and the City of the Hurdled Ford.
I have a couple of moments to give you an update, so here it comes.

Flights went pretty well. The night we flew from Tampere to London was clear and bright, so we could see the stars and all the lights below us. Seeing the coast of England appear as a sea of tiny little yellow lights from the darkness was an awesome sight.
Didn't get much sleep at the Stansted airport, as I was stupid enough to not remeber to pack a blanket and an extra pillow. Next time I'll be wiser. But hey, I've been to England now.
The morning flight to Dublin started gorgeously. We took to the clouds just as the sun was rising. It was like flying in golden cotton candy. But as we arrived to Ireland, it became so cloudy and foggy that we only saw the airport like a minute before we landed. A pity, but I guess it's also somehow characteristic. The foggy dew and all, you know.

Our first observations about how things are over here were pretty much:

-everything is so green. Like, REALLY green. And people have palm trees on their courtyards. Palm trees. Seriously.
-the traffic is insane. And I don't mean just the fact it's left-sided. It could be described with words "comfortable chaos".
-the general atmosphere is somehow really laid-back and easygoing, which is lovely.
-it's so warm here.

Also, the random encounter thing is not a myth either. Like this guard/guide at the Trinity College Long Room (one of the most awesome libraries ever, it's gorgeous) who started chatting with us about the order of the books of the library and the local ghosts and how he used to play in a band when he was young. He even showed us pictures of himself from the '70s, and he looked just like Mr. Holopainen, hair and hat and all. :D
We saw him again today when we went souvenir shopping to the Trinity, and he came to say hi and gave some advise about museums and told me I should really watch Michael Collins. I'll have to see if I can find it, I already bought The Wind that Shakes the Barley from HMV.

Oh, and the gig. It rocked. I mean, had it been in Finland, it would have felt like routine to me in a way. But here in Dublin, the band playing with Troy Donockley and there being like seven of us Finns in the front row rocking out it was pretty magical. Tuomas was clearly quite amused and kept grinning at us (Sari said he clearly recognized me. Argh. *hides under the table*) and even jumped down from the stage at the end of the show to thank us all, for being crazy and Finnish I suppose. :p
After the gig we went to the Brazen Head, where we had already hanged out on the previous night. It was so much fun. Note: if you ever go to Dublin and want a good traditional pub, Brazen Head is the place for you. It's not in a very central location, but worth the walk.
But Guinness.. It tastes exactly what it looks like: swamp water. *makes a face*

Tomorrow we have to wake up early to go and see Tara. We would have gone to Newgrange too, but the tours were all booked full. *pouts* And on Sunday we'll hopefully have some time to visit the Kilmainham Gaol. I've already seen all the other essential places concerning the Easter Rising (adnd even one of the original copies of the Proclamation of Independence).

But I think I got to go now, see ye when I get back. Sláinte!
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Gaah. In 48 hours I'll be in a plane somewhere above the North Sea, probably.
I'm so nervous and excited and tiny bit afraid too. I hope it will all go well.

But anyway, kittens: now is your last chance to let me know if you want something from Ireland, or if you want me to send you a postcard. I can't promise to bring you the Book of Kells, though, or the Stone of Destiny. ;p

Argh, there's still so much to do and so little time to do it. o_o;;
And I warn you: April Fool's jokes about the trip on Tuesday will NOT amuse me, and I can't promise to not cause you bodily harm if you even try. I'm PMSing, you see (yeah, great timing...).

*goes run around in panicked circles some more*
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Gah, my throat is sore. I guess that's what you get for getting a bit too much into Singstar. :p
I really hope I didn't kill everyone's ears, but boy, it was fun. And I even beat Tommi at Imagine and Joutsenlaulu. And Mervi at Right Here In My Arms which was seriously strange, because she actually can sing. But she beat me at pretty much everything else, so... *shrug* Dueting Pikkuveli with her was also nice. :)
The occasion was Tommi and Venla's housewarming party, they just moved here to Runosmäki which is nice, even though I'm sorry that they had to give up their previous apartment.

Anyways, I have been really busy and stressed for the last 1,5 or so weeks, but I guess it's been worth it. I'll start the practical training at the Main Library the day after we return from Ireland, the medical examinations are underway (and I just have to mention that the nurse at the Employment Office was a real gem, understanding and warm-hearted. She even understood my empathy/HSP-ness :)) and I finally got around to do those vocational selection tests.
There's still stuff to do, like making sure I'll still get housing allowance, and going to get myself a passport (thank goodness I remembered my ID card's outdated and therefore isn't a valid traveling document because Tuesday is my very last chance).
I'm also getting quite nervous about the trip, I'm sure there are still some extra obstacles to be thrown in our way. And it's been ten years since I last flew, so the airport hassle isn't that familiar to me. Miif. Nine days. Only nine days. *_*

Hmm. Was there anything else? *scratches head* Can't remember.
I'm so absent-minded nowadays, it's even starting to worry me a bit. I even forgot to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. ;p
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I've been rewatching the first two seasons of Alias, and boy, I didn't even remember how awesome it used to be. It lost me somewhere mid-season 4, but those early ones were pure gold.
I mean, Marshall and his gadgets! Sydney's outlandish outfits! The exotic locations (including a super-fake Helsinki)! The adorable, angsty UST of Syd and Vaughn! One of the most fucked-up families in the history of fucked-up families! And my god, the guest stars! Roger Moore, Christian Slater, Ethan Hawke... Quentin fuckin' Tarantino!
Ahh, nostalgy. :]

I just hope J.J. Abrams's other creation, this relatively unknown little series ;) called Lost won't lose me too by jumping the shark and going too weird on us. Okay, in truth I wouldn't mind the weird, I can take time-traveling Scotsmen and polar bears in hemispheres where they don't belong and world-wide conspiracies and stuff, but not badly handled character arcs (like unnecessarily prolonged love triangle/quadrangle thingies...) and bad writing. So here's to hoping it will redeem itself and give me other reasons to watch it in addition to Desmond and Sayid (as they're pretty much the only characters whose fate I really care about any longer).

Okay, I guess that was it for now, I'd better go to bed now. *yawn*
Three weeks till Dublin. *bounces a bit* I'm so excited. And a bit nervous too. Whew.
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Another adventure in moonlit Helsinki night behind, then.
And this time, fortunately, I wasn't left with that much to regret.

FME was rather lame this year for some reason. Not nearly enough familiar faces or stuff to do, so I quite understand why Ella was less than impressed and wanted to leave early before even seeing Turisas.
But well, at least we got to chat a bit with The Other Wild-haired Guy Named Tuomas In Finnish Metal Scene Who Plays A White Slanted KORG (AKA Tuomas Planman of the Norther fame, he seemed like a really nice guy :)), meet Rici albeit briefly (that girl is really spoiling me, I owe her at least three drinks by now) and witness Mr. Guitar Hero himself, Alexi Laiho, wander around looking somehow adorably baffled and drunk. I don't think very many even recognized him, as he wasn't wearing any makeup and his hair is dark now.

But anyway, we left after the Finnish Metal Awards (Nightwish won two of the cathegories they were "nominated" in, Mokoma swept the rest) to go to the downtown drinking with Petri, Santtu and Ville. Missing Turisas was a bit of a drag, but it was forgotten as soon as we got to our destination: Molly Malone's. According to my knowledge, the most genuine Irish pub outside of Ireland (alongside O'Connell's in Tampere, perhaps). And boy, it didn't disappoint. *big grin*
There are many reasons why I wouldn't like to live in Helsinki (too big, too crowded, people are generally rude etc.), but she has her advantages. Places like Molly's, for example.
It's cozy, warmly lit, comfortably crammed yet roomy and atmospheric. There was a great live band upstairs playing great cover songs from the likes of U2, RHCP and Coldplay and people dancing and singing along and generally having a blast. And as the place is not-too-surprisingly the favourite haunt of the British/Irish folks living in Helsinki, you would hear someone speaking Cockney or Irish-accented English as often as Finnish.

And dude, the Irish bartender, James. Hot damn. *another big grin*
I mean, I guess he wasn't anything remarkable for an Irishman, more like a walking stereotype (curly black hair, green eyes, those somehow leprechaun-ish features that reminded me of Doyle from Angel, cheeky grin...), but somehow he was just the kind of breath of fresh air I needed, demonstrating the famous Irish charm by bold, cheeky flirt that felt only completely natural and even contagious, never too serious. I overheard him telling some lady who wondered what the heck was he doing in Finland that he was here to do what Finnish men can't. Damn straight, darling. :D I think I'm going to love Dublin. *giggles*

So yeah, I could have happily stayed there for another week or so (and I'll surely return the next time I'm in Helsinki), but eventually people got sleepy (it was pretty warm upstairs), so we headed to Ville's place for the night. And today (well, on Saturday) we went to Forum to have a lunch and then to Wayne's for coffee after which the couple (Santtu and Ville, that is, Petri had gone home earlier) went their own way and me and Ella took a train back to Turku (side note: I hate Pendolino trains. I really do. And I'm not going to pay 30€ for the most uncomfortable two-hour ride imaginable ever again if I can only help it.).

I'm now even more psyched about that Dublin trip, but the problem seems to be: how to get there. We could have gotten flight tickets to Dublin and back for approx. 90€, but of course the only method of paying AerLingus seems to accept is a frelling credit card. They don't give bloody credit cards to unemployed students, dammit. Well, the bid has apparently expired by now anyway. *sigh*
And even the Ryanair prices are pretty much in clouds at the moment. Ah well, maybe they'll have another price cut after the winter holidays. *crosses fingers*
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So... If I have learned something important or met someone important in each year's September ever since 2003, I guess this year's lesson is: "Your actions have consequences."
I've also come to realize, although more recently than in September, what an arrogant, presumptuous fool I have occasionally been (and what consequences it has had).

It's oddly fitting that I learned this now, because during the past two weeks I've been having a some kind of Jane Austen phase (I've watched the new Pride & Prejudice movie at least thrice and listened to the soundtrack on repeat). So if I've identified with Lizzy before, I understand her dismay after realizing how wrong she had been even better now. And Darcy's too, especially after reading Maya Slater's Mr. Darcy's Diary, fanfiction in form of literature as it may be.

I'm pretty ashamed of myself, especially for the trouble and chagrin I have unintentionally caused to others, but I guess there's no use dwelling on it. Past is past. *sigh*

Ahh, anyways... I suppose something good came out of that little misadventure in Helsinki a couple of weeks ago as well, because it now looks like me and Ella are going to Dublin in April. For real. I've now decided to go there in the spring even if we don't get tickets to that NW gig. It would be cool, of course, as they're still my favourite band and all, but... yeah.
So, in conclusion: Whoo yeah, I'm going home(?)! *big wide grin*
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Which X-Men character are you most like?

You are Storm!You are very strong and very protective of those you love. You are in tune with nature and are very concerned with justice and humanity. Unfortunately, certain apprehensions and fears are very hard for you to overcome, and can often inhibit you when most need to be strong.
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Which of the X-men do you resemble most?

You are Storm of the X-men! You are strong and sweet at the same time you have self control and have a very nurturing nature about you. You make friends easily but keep your enemies even closer.
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Heh, figured as much... The second description doesn't fit as well as the first one, but yep, I'm Storm:
Calm and level-headed mother figure of sorts with weather-controlling powers and claustrophobia, and whose emotions taking over her can have terrible results.
And out of X-Men Evolution characters I'd be Rogue. No surprises there either.

Looks like I've got into the X-Men again (seems like I always have to have an active fandom *chuckle*).
For the first time in quite a long time I feel like going to Alfa Antikva to snoop around for some new (or old :p) superhero comics. Wanna join me someday, Ella darling? I can even buy you some Kurt stuff if you want. ;)

Oh, I also finally went to get my ticket to the Dark Passion Play release party at Tavastia today.
Can't wait to see Anette live, I really hope they will play Ever Dream. Should also meet a whole bunch of people, as some are coming there from as far as Ireland and Czech Republic.
I've actually thought a bit about trying to be able to attend NW's Dublin gig next spring. It would really be a dream come true. But only time will tell, I suppose...

Oh well, I'd better get the laundry from the laundry room and go to sleep, early wakeup tomorrow. *yawn*
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I've really started to wonder why songs about the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland are always making me cry. Sure, The Foggy Dew and Down By the Glenside are beautiful and touching tunes, but still...

I do not generally support bloodshed, even if it was in the name of liberty.
Nor am I a Republican or a nationalist of any kind. If I hear songs or tales about the Finnish War of Independence (or alternatively, Civil War or The Great Mindless Bloodbath), I'm mostly thinking something like "Bloody stupid idiots" or "I'm supposed to care?". So I couldn't give a damn about Mannerheim & co., but if I hear a song about Pádraig Pearse and his Fenians, I'm bawling like a baby? Odd.

I should probably watch that The Wind That Shakes the Barley someday to get a better picture about that whole era and see if my opinion about the Irish War of Independence and the Civil War is really any different than my opinion of the Finnish ones. Somehow I doubt it. Bloody Sunday's (both of them, really) nothing to be proud of, after all. IRA be damned.

But... If you'll allow me to venture into the realm of mystical mumbo-jumbo again for a moment...
If I think about that dream-vision-thingy I've had for I don't even know how long, the one with the young woman standing on a moor by the stormy sea (in moonlight, no less), clearly mourning but also determined, I suppose the imagery fits the beginning of the 1900s... (But then again I've always thought it's somewhere in Western Ireland, maybe in Connacht or somewhere near Clare in Munster, judging by the steep cliffs.)
Ah well, who knows... Maybe some past incarnation of me did live in Ireland circa 1916, or maybe earlier. Maybe not at all and I'm just imagining things. But it would kinda explain a lot.

Or maybe it's just the magic of the Irish music, as those people can sing about anything and make it the most heart-wrenching song ever. But strangely enough it's still this verse of The Foggy Dew that usually makes me cry the most:

"Twas Britannia bade our Wild Geese go, that "small nations might be free";
Their lonely graves are by Suvla's waves or the fringe of the great North Sea.
Oh, had they died by Pearse's side or fought with Cathal Brugha
Their graves we'd keep where the Fenians sleep, 'neath the shroud of the foggy dew."

And these as well:

"Oh the bravest fell, and the Requiem bell rang mournfully and clear
For those who died that Eastertide in the spring time of the year.
And the world did gaze, in deep amaze, at those fearless men, but few,
Who bore the fight that freedom's light might shine through the foggy dew.

As back through the glen I rode again and my heart with grief was sore
For I parted then with valiant men whom I never shall see more.
But to and fro in my dreams I go and I kneel and pray for you,
For slavery fled, O glorious dead, when you fell in the foggy dew."

As I said: odd. *shakes head and wipes tears*


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