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- Reply to this post with ICON ME! and I will pick five of your icons.
- Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
- Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
- This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee

[livejournal.com profile] canadiangoddess  picked these:

This is The Morrígan. The Great Queen (or "The Phantom Queen", etymologists are still arguing over that one), an ancient Irish goddess of passion, battlefields and sovereignty, to put it simply. I was born on Samhain, 31st of October, which is kind of her day because of that connection to the Underworld. So in a weird way she's always felt close to me even though I'm not exactly a practicing pagan. I just remember how I felt in Ireland when I saw all those crows flying around. Felt right, somehow.
The Irish Gaelic phrase in the icon means something like "Of Morrígan of graves and tombs."

And then this. Éire. Ireland. My spiritual home in some funny, unexplainable way. I miss it.

Mitchell says this in an episode of Being Human, in a kind of hilarious, nonchalant way. Like "Yeah, we're bastards, how is that anything new?" which was such a refreshing look at it in the middle of the whole Twilight-induced vampire hysteria. And even though I've loved vampires ever since I've known how to read, it's just true, and with all these vampire shows and films and books around nowadays, it's a nice, funny reminder.

Oh, Jack and Elizabeth. My doomed, awesome, freedom-loving OTP. I'm pretty much over the whole thing now, but freedom is still a very important thing to me and that's one of the main reasons why I loved them. To freedom!

This is Calico Jack Rackham's flag, only one variation of the Jolly Roger among many but probably the most iconic in its simplicity.
Because Calico Jack was a drunk, rascally dandy who sailed with fierce lady pirates, I'm still a bit bitter that they didn't make it Jack's or even the Black Pearl's flag in POTC, but specifically Barbossa's. Oh well. ;p


There you have 'em, next I'm gonna watch some ice dancing and cheer for the Kerrs and then try to put my thoughts on Being Human together. Laters!
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Wow. This is confusing.
I have three of my fandoms clashing viciously inside my head:

-Pirates of the Caribbean, but also its sister dimension, the world of The Legend of the Red Wyrm and The Siren's Yearning. Which, by the way, is a playground of imagination created by me and expanded by Ella in which the alter-egos of (or more like characters based on) several Finnish metal musicians plus our circle of friends happily roam the seven seas.
Should really start writing The Siren's Yearning some day as well and just stop worrying about historical accuracy and whatnot. Bloody perfectionism.

-Buffyverse, as I've recently re-watched some of the old episodes of Buffy and Angel and it made me realize once again why I loved it so much. Well, the early seasons at least, as it started to go pretty weird after Buffy's fourth season and I'm still bitter about how Angel ended. :p

-Naturally enough, I suppose, Harry Potter.
I've stayed out of the fandom for pretty much a whole year now. I went to see The Order of the Phoenix knowing virtually nothing about it beforehand (well, a lot less than about the previous one, anyway) and today I managed to buy The Deathly Hallows completely unspoiled (though as soon as I got home, of course I had to click a link to a picture in [profile] hp_art_daily which pretty much spoiled one of the people who will die in the book. Oh well, I suspected he might.)

It's probably not the best time of the month to start reading that book as I'm in quite emotional state. Last night I got teary-eyed when I read Buffy's final speech in the season five final episode, The Gift.
nd now I started crying after only reading the William Penn quote in the introduction of the book. The first death left me quite unshaken, though. Probably because I expected it to be someone else. Or maybe because nothing can beat the shock-factor of The Half-Blood Prince's ending (I cried for hours even though I knew what was going to happen).
It's been quite painful to read so far, though. These last books are definetely not for the kiddies anymore. Death, torture, psychological manipulation, betrayal, corruption, loss, oppressing atmosphere, nazi allegories... And increasing amount of innuendo. :p

Hmm, I wo
nder what kind of dreams will I have after watching a couple of Buffy fanvideos, listening to At Wit's End on repeat and reading several chapters of TDH more. :p
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Alright, I was overcome by some sudden fit of courage and decided to open this entry to the public.
After all I already dared to post this to Fanfiction.net, so I guess it doesn't hurt anyone if it can be read in here too although it's still un-beta'd and probably contains a ton of grammatical errors.
Maybe I'll even find courage to link this to [profile] sparrabeth community although the quality of fiction there sweeps the floor (or deck ;p) with this any time.

The point of my humble little ficlet is Elizabeth Swann reflecting upon the names she's been given in her lifetime.

Disclaimer: Elizabeth and Weatherby Swann and Will Turner all belong to Disney, as does the Edinburgh Trader. I only came up with the name of Lizzie's mother and her middle name and intend to make no money with this little drabble or anything like that.

Author's note:
I'm aware that this has flaws, so I would very grateful of constructive criticism.

Please tell me what you think, it's my first attempt to write fanfiction in three years.
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What the hell is wrong with this LJ again? *impatient huff*

Oh well. I should really sleep.
I've stayed up all night, mostly doing things I shouldn't be doing and not doing the things I should be doing.

And oh gods, I must stop imitating Sparrow-speech and quoting the damn movie. o_o;;

I had an interesting dream last night. I wonder where it came from.
Not one of those "prophetic" ones probably, though. *chuckle*

I once again don't remember much, but I remember that we held each other in a warm embrace and I felt content and safe but wondered why it was happening for he shouldn't have had any reason to do so. Then he asked me what it was about him that made him like a wolf most (or something like that). Strange question. But I smiled, backed off a little and put my hand on his heart. He seemed to like the answer and he smiled.
I think I considered if I should explain it to him, but instead I bid him farewell and ran down the stairs, smiling and light-footed.

I felt some odd form of deep love and that is probably the weirdest thing in whole dream.
Not romantic love, not in the traditional sense of the term anyway.
And I think I'm too tired to even know how to explain it to myself at the moment so I guess I should give up and drag myself the spectacular distance of one meter to my bed and collapse there to sleep a couple of hours before the sun will eventually wake me up.
And wish he will stay out of my dreams. He doesn't belong there.
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"Fifteen men on a dead man's chest,
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!"

*takes a long swig of a bottle of rum and staggers off laughing like a madwoman*
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Minulla on uusi fanfic-idea.
Pitäisi vain jaksaa paneutua siihen.

Taustamateriaaleiksi tarvitsisin ainakin End of Innocencen, Monkey Island -pelejä ja/tai Pirates of the Caribbeanin, jonkin verran tietoa 1700-luvun merenkulusta sekä [livejournal.com profile] casanovasin ja [livejournal.com profile] neverwandererin.

Joko keksitte, mistä on kyse? *hykertelee*

Ah, kohta pitää varmaan alkaa laittautua sen näköiseksi että voi lähteä ihmisten ilmoille, pj-kokous kun pitäisi kaiketi pitää Taivaan Saarten tiimoilta. Mikä on tietysti edistystä.

Ja jostain kumman syystä minulla on outo halu päästä meren rannalle, nähdä meri.


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