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 I've spent the last three days at home on sick leave (well, on Monday I worked for three hours before I had to give up).
It's a welcome (and currently much needed) break even though I've really started to enjoy my job, but I can't help feeling guilty so I can't really relax.

And what's wrong with me? I don't really know. I've suspected for a while now everything isn't quite right with me physically, but a couple of weeks ago I was getting ready to run some errands, taking my time putting on make-up and all, when I suddenly felt like someone had stabbed me in the chest right above my left breast. At first I wasn't worried, that kind of stuff probably happens occasionally to everyone. But those stabs kept on coming and I started to get scared. So I called 112 and got visited by some nice paramedics. They didn't discover anything life-threatening but told me to get the day off anyway and go see a nurse. The nurse suspected gallstones and booked me a doctor's appointment just in case, advising me to watch what I eat a bit.

The next two weeks went by quite normally, with only some discomfort , occasional random "stabs" in my torso and a nagging feeling that something isn't quite right in my abdomen.
I went to see the doctor on Friday and had blood tests and ECG taken. Her initial suspicion was that there's something wrong with my diaphragm, which would explain as all the worst stuff is focused on the left side and the "stabs" are often worse when I inhale. I'll only get the test results tomorrow so I went to work on Monday despite having been in a lot of pain over the weekend, but like I said, I lasted only three hours before I started having difficulty breathing because of the pain.

Now, I suffer from anxiety disorder so it was probably just that, the pain and stress at not knowing what's going on having triggered it. But it has effectively rendered me unable to work, which really sucks. I know, it's not my fault and I'm not just shirking my duties. But... gah. We really need every cent we can get at the moment, and I'm not paid for the days I'm not working. So, as they say in the army... SNAFU. :p
I'm just so tired all the time now, and just want to know what's wrong with me so I can deal with it and move on. *sigh*


Okay, to avoid being a complete Debbie Downer, there HAS been something positive lately as well.

1.) As I said, I think I'm starting to figure things out at the bookstore. The bosses have started to trust me more and give me more responsibility. Now if I only can sort these health problems out, I think I may have a chance at getting a real part-time job there. So yay. :)

2.) I finally got around to watching North & South (BBC 2004) completely. I'd seen a part or two of it years ago when they showed it on telly, but my memories were really fuzzy. Anyway, to those of you who don't know: it''s a four-part miniseries based on the book by Elizabeth Gaskell. Its premise is similar to Pride & Prejudice with all the pride and prejudice and misunderstandings before the lovers finally get together, but it's also a hella lot darker and grittier. The setting is mostly a smoky industrial town in Northern England in the 1850s, so the Austenian Regency lightness is absent. People also get beaten up and killed and whatnot left and right.
But the leads Richard Armitage (as John Thornton) and Daniela Denby-Ashe (as Margaret Hale) are really gorgeous and amazing and have a delicious BST going on. Here, have a look:

(that's gotta be the raciest Victorian handshake between people who claim to kinda dislike each other EVER :D)

And I'm not even going to talk about the ending because you have to see it for yourself. But if you want to discuss it in the comments, you are very welcome. ;)
I can't say this about many men, but Richard Armitage does funny things to my heart. *swoon* If/when someone ever deides to film Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, I will cry foul if anyone else is chosen to play the Raven King John Uskglass.

But anyway, if you haven't yet watched it and generally like pretty period dramas etc., do watch it. It also has a really pretty score. <3

3.) I ordered the first one of the Being Human tie-in novels from work and it was awesome. There were minor glitches like Mitchell snagging blood bags to snack on from the hospital and George being Annie's go-to guy when she needs comfort (okay, it does make more sense in the timeline of the second series), but otherwise the atmosphere was really authentic and it was great to have that little extra glimpse into their lives, with all the darkness and sweetness, humor and tragedy the show has. The three books form a single storyline despite having separate settings so of course I immediately had to order the next two as well. :D


Okay, I guess that was it for now. Next time I'll answer your questions, [livejournal.com profile] liduen_loivissa . :)
Just one more thing before I go, just because this song is amazing. Spoiler alert, though:
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So much for the New Year's resolution, huh? Ugh, I suck.

I've been thinking, though. Maybe I would learn to write my thoughts down more often if I posted something at least once every week. A Top 5 list. I already have many thought out.
But I'm not gonna start today because first things first:

I finally managed to get around to watching SyFy's Alice.
For those of you who don't know, it's a modern cyberpunk/steampunk/magitek/psychedelia twist on Alice In Wonderland.

More thoughts under the cut. Some spoilers in the last paragraph. )
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Hiya guys. I'm alive.
Sorry I've been so AWOL lately, been busy/stressed/generally lethargic for these past few weeks for reasons I shall get to soon.

But first... During these past few weeks I've also been finally catching up with True Blood, but while addictive and entertaining, it didn't manage to really impress me until the last Sunday's episode I Will Rise Up. More about that under the cut. (Note: spoilers only up to 2x09, waiting for 2x10 to download while I sleep)

'Are you very afraid?' 'No, no! I'm full of joy!' )

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Okay, onto the second post then...
I have some pretty serious (no, no, no one's died or anything, don't worry) recent stuff to write about, but since I still need to mull over it inside my head for a while and I'm really bursting to get this off my chest, first I have some advertising for you.

Being Human. I mean, wow.

I don't suppose very many of you (in addition to you new people on my flist <3) have heard of this little gem of a TV show, so allow me to tell you about it...

Meet Mitchell (first name John but no one really calls him that), a laid-back porter in a Bristol hospital. He appears to be in his mid-twenties; a tall, handsome young man with wavy dark hair, wiry build and a soft Irish brogue. He's quick to smile and laugh, very caring toward his friends and great with kids. Oh, and also manages to look great in yellow.

His best mate is George Sands. He also works as a porter in the hospital despite his high level of education (he speaks six languages fluently) and IQ of 156. George is... well, a bit geeky. He wears glasses, is quite pedantic and socially awkward, and has a habit of starting to stutter when he gets nervous. He's also Jewish, though he has lately started to doubt his faith.

The boys share their flat with Annie, a sweet-natured and sort of innocently childlike former student of design with some self-confidence issues and an obsessive-compulsive habit of making tea. She's a bit agoraphobic and still hung up on her ex.

So, what's the catch, you ask?

Well... Mitchell has been a vampire since 1916 (hee!) when he was "recruited" during the First World War (he went through with it so save his squadron), but has recently been struggling to keep on the wagon and not kill anyone. Against all odds he teamed up with George, another outcast from humanity for having had the bad luck to get scratched by a werewolf on a holiday trip to Scotland (never go walking on the Scottish moors alone on a night of full moon!) two years ago. By some coincidence they happened to move in to the very house where one Anna Sawyer had fallen down the stairs to her untimely death, also two years ago...

Together they form an adorable, hilarious trio of friends and flatmates, trying to live normal life the best they can despite their respective supernatural states and the problems they bring. It's... absolutely awesome.
It's dark, it's funny, it's brilliant, it's strangely realistic. It has well-rounded characters (for once a TV vampire isn't defined by his vampiredom, Mitchell feels every bit like a real person), some great music choices (most of which are sadly missing on the DVD version, boo), awesome dialogue and some stellar acting.
I can only highly recommend it, it's the best thing I've watched since Life on Mars probably (if we don't count DW, that is). Too bad there's only six 56-minute episodes so far, in addition to the pilot with different actors for Mitchell (a bit more enigmatic and emo) and Annie (a bit more frail). Eight more are to come in next January, though, and I already can't bloody wait.

There's just something about British productions that I'm drawn to. I mean, I can't basically even watch American tv anymore after being spoiled with the likes of Doctor Who, Life on Mars, Hex, all those stunning period dramas (the latest in line being the gorgeous The Devil's Whore) and now this. No offense meant to any Americans, but British tv just somehow feels so much more real even if it was about witches, vampires or time-travel.
Of course there are exceptions, but one good example are IMHO relationships. In British tv there are often some delightfully subtle love stories in the good old "will they-won't they" vein, or simply some amazing, realistically layered friendships. [MINOR SPOILER]For example, on Being Human there's a cute moment when two of the main characters accidentally kiss. Okay, it's certainly there on purpose, but while in some American show it would have most likely lead to a loaded moment of UST and heaving bosoms, here they just simply laugh it off with genuine affection and carry on with their (un-)lives. Awesome. :)[/MINOR SPOILER]

But anyway, here's a bit upbeat (even though the show itself certainly isn't that all the time) taste of what it's like:

Now I'll bid you goodnight, I must go make sure Saoirse (my eight-month-old kitty who underwent sterilization today) doesn't rip open her stitches or do anything else stupid as she's still a bit wobbly.
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Alright, I was going to write a big epic review-sort of post about tv shows I've been catching up with or rewatching lately -- and I probably still will because I have lot to say about them -- but I really need to get this off my chest, like, right now:

Doctor Who has taken over my brain.

Yeah. I know. Another fandom for Darna to obsess about.
But seriously. I wonder why I never thought to check it out before because it's wicked awesome.
Ab-so-lute-ly brilliant, in that distinctly British sort of way. I mean, it's probably not for everyone, obviously. But I daresay those unwilling to give it a chance are missing a lot.
Acting? Impeccable. Yes, including Billie Piper. You simply can't not love her as Rose. So perfectly well-rounded and human is her portrayal. As Jacob at Television Without Pity said, she's probably the only singer-turned-actor ever that turned out to be fucking brilliant at it.
Dialogue? Perfect. The one-liners are killer and the dialogue overall is very witty and natural and British. Of course it's sometimes over-the-top, but this is after all a cheesy -- albeit brilliant -- sci-fi show, and usually it's over-the-top only when the situation calls for it. Even with all the occasional darkness and deadly-serious undertones, it's still an old-fashioned fairytale at heart.

I could go on forever, but perhaps I'll spare you and let you discover the magic yourself if you are so inclined (and Ella, I'll get the first season on DVD and we'll watch it, okay?).
And those of you who already have discovered it, please do not spoil me beyond the first 2 episodes of the second season (I mean, there's no way I'd have been able to avoid some big, general spoilers because I'm three seasons behind everyone else, but no details if you please).

But it's like a drug, for real. I don't think any series/fandom has ever made me so positively giddy. I bought one of the tie-in books yesterday (it was on sale :p) and sat in the bus on my way back home and sniggered to myself like a madwoman while reading it. Seriously (and I'm paraphrasing):

The Doctor: Quick! We need to distract them somehow! Jack?
Captain Jack: Yes, sir! *takes off with a huge grin*
A moment passes. Then, accompanied by some surprised exclamations, they can see...
Captain Jack: Whoohoo! *runs naked through the crowd*
The Doctor and Rose: ...
Jack runs back to them with a shit-eating grin, still buck-naked.
Captain Jack: That distracting enough?
The Doctor and Rose: *facepalm*

But of course they secretly love it. And I love them. :D
And what's slightly scary in the drug metaphor is that it's also addictive. After each episode I watch I want more, but I also know that the more I watch now, the less I have left to watch. And I don't want it to ever be over. *clings to show and everything she loves about it, Nine and Ten and Rose and Jack and everything*

Alright, here's what we do. By the leave of my beloved future flatmate if she'll grant it, I extend the invitation to everyone reading this: when me and Ella have moved (yes, we got the apartment, but I'd rather not think about it much at the moment because my brain's a mess and there's still so much to work out) and we have a DVD player and a decent TV, you're all welcome to watch Doctor Who with me. I promise to not be too annoying, or at least try. ;p

I think I'm gonna go watch The Christmas Invasion now. David Tennant! <3
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Bleuh, I'm ill again. Fuckin' fantastic.

Remember when I told you about the pickpocketing incident in Dublin? Well, today when I got home I found a small brown envelope bearing the harp of Ireland and Dublin stamps (they'd written my address wrong, though :p). Inside was an official letter signed by the Superintendent of the Pearse Street Garda Station concerning said incident. I guess it was just a routine thing, letting me know that "progress has been made in this investigation and a person has been made amenable" etc. But it also said that I "may be required to attend court, if this happens you will be contacted and given the appropriate information and support". Now that would be an interesting excuse to go back to Ireland. :D
Got to give those guys respect again, they seem to be doing pretty effective work. \,,/


Anyways, I did some town-hopping over the weekend, main destination being Jyväskylä in order to offer some support and solace to one of the recent victims of this so-called "Breakup Season". We also bonded a bit more, which was lovely. :)
Because the public traffic between Turku and Tampere is fucked-up, I had to hang around in Tampere for two hours waiting for the train to leave. But it was okay, I just padded (I was forced to walk barefoot because my Docs are killing my feet) over to O'Connell's (my second Irish pub within three hours and 150 kms :D) where I predictably found Perttu and Sandi. So I hung out with the boys for two hours, drinking my second lonkero within three hours and 150 kms (I'm such a drunkard nowadays :D) and feeling very much at home. I'm so peeved that there are no decent Irish pubs in Turku. There's The Castle alright, but a) the age limit is bloody 24 b) no self-respecting Irishman/-woman would name their pub "The Castle" anyway. :p


On a completely unrelated note, I've just rediscovered my love for Farscape. Frell, it was some awesome dren. ;p
And when I earlier said how I rarely root for the canon OTP? Well, I apparently had forgotten that Aeryn and John pretty much blow every other pairing in the history (of television, at least) out of water.
Main part of it must be the absolutely amazing chemistry between Ben Browder and Claudia Black, how completely natural they are around each other and how well they play together. Whenever they share a frame, the screen all but melts. They could be sitting there crocheting or something and it would be exciting simply because they'd be there together.
But homage must also be paid to the writers of the show for their unusual romance that never in the course of four seasons and a mini-series became boring. And they didn't even have to add any love triangles (well, not in the traditional sense anyway...) there to spice things up.

One of the things that made the Farscape romances and friendships feel so realistic was the fact that the characters touched each other regularly, the casual way couples and friends and family members normally do. I guess it also tells something about the comfort level the cast had amongst themselves, because usually it shows on screen if the actors aren't entirely comfortable around each other.
And Ben and Claudia, they're entirely in a league of their own, they can't keep their paws off each other even off-screen! Not in particularly sexual way, mind, both are happily married to other people, but a good example was this Q&A session in some sci-fi convention where they first greeted each other with a funny little friend-kiss as a homage to their characters' passionate relationship after which Ben proceeded to drag his chair and microphone right next to Claudia's, and during the whole session you didn't even need to hear them say that, you could see from their body language (leaning towards each other in their chairs, Ben -upon noticing it kept falling on her eyes- pausing mid-sentence to affectionately brush Claudia's hair off her face etc.) they are close.
They acted like really close siblings or childhood friends or old marrieds. It was such a blessing to watch. :) Here's the first part in case someone's interested.

But as a conclusion: go watch Farscape, it's frelling awesome. \,,/
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I've been rewatching the first two seasons of Alias, and boy, I didn't even remember how awesome it used to be. It lost me somewhere mid-season 4, but those early ones were pure gold.
I mean, Marshall and his gadgets! Sydney's outlandish outfits! The exotic locations (including a super-fake Helsinki)! The adorable, angsty UST of Syd and Vaughn! One of the most fucked-up families in the history of fucked-up families! And my god, the guest stars! Roger Moore, Christian Slater, Ethan Hawke... Quentin fuckin' Tarantino!
Ahh, nostalgy. :]

I just hope J.J. Abrams's other creation, this relatively unknown little series ;) called Lost won't lose me too by jumping the shark and going too weird on us. Okay, in truth I wouldn't mind the weird, I can take time-traveling Scotsmen and polar bears in hemispheres where they don't belong and world-wide conspiracies and stuff, but not badly handled character arcs (like unnecessarily prolonged love triangle/quadrangle thingies...) and bad writing. So here's to hoping it will redeem itself and give me other reasons to watch it in addition to Desmond and Sayid (as they're pretty much the only characters whose fate I really care about any longer).

Okay, I guess that was it for now, I'd better go to bed now. *yawn*
Three weeks till Dublin. *bounces a bit* I'm so excited. And a bit nervous too. Whew.
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Wow. This is confusing.
I have three of my fandoms clashing viciously inside my head:

-Pirates of the Caribbean, but also its sister dimension, the world of The Legend of the Red Wyrm and The Siren's Yearning. Which, by the way, is a playground of imagination created by me and expanded by Ella in which the alter-egos of (or more like characters based on) several Finnish metal musicians plus our circle of friends happily roam the seven seas.
Should really start writing The Siren's Yearning some day as well and just stop worrying about historical accuracy and whatnot. Bloody perfectionism.

-Buffyverse, as I've recently re-watched some of the old episodes of Buffy and Angel and it made me realize once again why I loved it so much. Well, the early seasons at least, as it started to go pretty weird after Buffy's fourth season and I'm still bitter about how Angel ended. :p

-Naturally enough, I suppose, Harry Potter.
I've stayed out of the fandom for pretty much a whole year now. I went to see The Order of the Phoenix knowing virtually nothing about it beforehand (well, a lot less than about the previous one, anyway) and today I managed to buy The Deathly Hallows completely unspoiled (though as soon as I got home, of course I had to click a link to a picture in [profile] hp_art_daily which pretty much spoiled one of the people who will die in the book. Oh well, I suspected he might.)

It's probably not the best time of the month to start reading that book as I'm in quite emotional state. Last night I got teary-eyed when I read Buffy's final speech in the season five final episode, The Gift.
nd now I started crying after only reading the William Penn quote in the introduction of the book. The first death left me quite unshaken, though. Probably because I expected it to be someone else. Or maybe because nothing can beat the shock-factor of The Half-Blood Prince's ending (I cried for hours even though I knew what was going to happen).
It's been quite painful to read so far, though. These last books are definetely not for the kiddies anymore. Death, torture, psychological manipulation, betrayal, corruption, loss, oppressing atmosphere, nazi allegories... And increasing amount of innuendo. :p

Hmm, I wo
nder what kind of dreams will I have after watching a couple of Buffy fanvideos, listening to At Wit's End on repeat and reading several chapters of TDH more. :p
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Learned my lesson: anti-depressants are NOT for me.

All it took was one tiny little pill to make me feel like shit for almost 24 hours now, and of course my hands started cramping again in the middle of the city. Thank goodness I was expecting it to happen so I didn't panic and it passed quite soon.
I'm actually starting to wonder if there's something wrong with my nervous system as well and that's the reason why those meds have that effect on me.
Oh well, at least I really would have a reason for that sick leave then...

Another lesson I should learn: Don't read/watch spoilers.
And especially stay away from YouTube. Only confuses you more.
Why oh why must we be a whole season behind in Lost? *grumble*

Meh, I once again had lots to write about, but I'm too tired.
Rough day. *chuckle*

EDIT: Couldn't help my curiosity, it bothered my mind too much to not to check.
And actually I'm quite glad I did. Sad scene my ass, go Skate! \,,/
(yes, I'm a shameless shipper, sue me)
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Gah, first they changed the layout of the Nightwish Website and it was okay, I guess, but now they changed the layout of the forum too and it feels really weird.
It used to be so beautiful and soothing with that deep midnight blue and twinkling stars and now it's so... grey. Dull. Sterile. =/
Oh well, I guess I'll get used to it, but I do hope they will change it again soon, to match the colour theme of the forthcoming album or something (since this layout is supposed to match the Once colours... But where is the purple?).
I want my interactive home to feel like home again.

Anyways... I just came home about 1,5 hours ago from celebrating Ville's 18th birthday.
It was quite a nice evening after all. I almost beat Tommi in Tekken even though I've never played it before, bonded a bit with a fellow empath, probably drank more alcohol than ever before (augh, my head...), heard something really confusing, laughed my ass off at the antics of the very drunken Tommi and Ville ("Duffman!!! "Oh yeah!!") and even felt loved. Nice.
Nevertheless I decided it was better to come home instead of going to Mervi's with the others even though for some reason the boys really seemed to want me to come along. :p
It was better this way.

Hmm... Yesterday there was a TV-movie by BBC on TV, about what would happen if the enormous volcano under the Yellowstone National Park in USA would erupt. Quite interesting, in a macabre way though. Reminded me of the dream I had a couple of nights ago.
In that dream I was inside a some kind of vault, underground or under some mountains, I'm not exactly sure. Either way the point was that there was going to be a huge deluge that would drown everything under it, a bit like in the movie Deep Impact.
I remember the moment when the water started flooding above our heads. And just like the man with that Irish accent in the tv-movie I said: "So now it begins..." with a tone that was almost delighted in some twisted, macabre way. And quite sadly I thought about everything the water would drown under it, all the buildings and cities, forests and hills...
Interesting, really...

Hmm, I wonder if I'm going through my first hangover ever right now. :p
And I'm quite sure there was also something else I wanted to write about but I can't remember what it was. Damn.


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