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More videospamming, woohoo!
I just encountered my favourite vid maker's (and I don't say that lightly, she's good) YouTube account and decided to share her work.
You want sexy vampires? I'll show you sexy vampires!

Queen of the Damned is so underappreciated. And I say this as an Anne Rice fan.
All of Kristin's stuff available for download here.

/EDIT: Whoops, I accidentally posted a wrong video. I meant to post this. But no matter, they're all equally brilliant and sexy.
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Hiya guys. I'm alive.
Sorry I've been so AWOL lately, been busy/stressed/generally lethargic for these past few weeks for reasons I shall get to soon.

But first... During these past few weeks I've also been finally catching up with True Blood, but while addictive and entertaining, it didn't manage to really impress me until the last Sunday's episode I Will Rise Up. More about that under the cut. (Note: spoilers only up to 2x09, waiting for 2x10 to download while I sleep)

'Are you very afraid?' 'No, no! I'm full of joy!' )

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Okay, onto the second post then...
I have some pretty serious (no, no, no one's died or anything, don't worry) recent stuff to write about, but since I still need to mull over it inside my head for a while and I'm really bursting to get this off my chest, first I have some advertising for you.

Being Human. I mean, wow.

I don't suppose very many of you (in addition to you new people on my flist <3) have heard of this little gem of a TV show, so allow me to tell you about it...

Meet Mitchell (first name John but no one really calls him that), a laid-back porter in a Bristol hospital. He appears to be in his mid-twenties; a tall, handsome young man with wavy dark hair, wiry build and a soft Irish brogue. He's quick to smile and laugh, very caring toward his friends and great with kids. Oh, and also manages to look great in yellow.

His best mate is George Sands. He also works as a porter in the hospital despite his high level of education (he speaks six languages fluently) and IQ of 156. George is... well, a bit geeky. He wears glasses, is quite pedantic and socially awkward, and has a habit of starting to stutter when he gets nervous. He's also Jewish, though he has lately started to doubt his faith.

The boys share their flat with Annie, a sweet-natured and sort of innocently childlike former student of design with some self-confidence issues and an obsessive-compulsive habit of making tea. She's a bit agoraphobic and still hung up on her ex.

So, what's the catch, you ask?

Well... Mitchell has been a vampire since 1916 (hee!) when he was "recruited" during the First World War (he went through with it so save his squadron), but has recently been struggling to keep on the wagon and not kill anyone. Against all odds he teamed up with George, another outcast from humanity for having had the bad luck to get scratched by a werewolf on a holiday trip to Scotland (never go walking on the Scottish moors alone on a night of full moon!) two years ago. By some coincidence they happened to move in to the very house where one Anna Sawyer had fallen down the stairs to her untimely death, also two years ago...

Together they form an adorable, hilarious trio of friends and flatmates, trying to live normal life the best they can despite their respective supernatural states and the problems they bring. It's... absolutely awesome.
It's dark, it's funny, it's brilliant, it's strangely realistic. It has well-rounded characters (for once a TV vampire isn't defined by his vampiredom, Mitchell feels every bit like a real person), some great music choices (most of which are sadly missing on the DVD version, boo), awesome dialogue and some stellar acting.
I can only highly recommend it, it's the best thing I've watched since Life on Mars probably (if we don't count DW, that is). Too bad there's only six 56-minute episodes so far, in addition to the pilot with different actors for Mitchell (a bit more enigmatic and emo) and Annie (a bit more frail). Eight more are to come in next January, though, and I already can't bloody wait.

There's just something about British productions that I'm drawn to. I mean, I can't basically even watch American tv anymore after being spoiled with the likes of Doctor Who, Life on Mars, Hex, all those stunning period dramas (the latest in line being the gorgeous The Devil's Whore) and now this. No offense meant to any Americans, but British tv just somehow feels so much more real even if it was about witches, vampires or time-travel.
Of course there are exceptions, but one good example are IMHO relationships. In British tv there are often some delightfully subtle love stories in the good old "will they-won't they" vein, or simply some amazing, realistically layered friendships. [MINOR SPOILER]For example, on Being Human there's a cute moment when two of the main characters accidentally kiss. Okay, it's certainly there on purpose, but while in some American show it would have most likely lead to a loaded moment of UST and heaving bosoms, here they just simply laugh it off with genuine affection and carry on with their (un-)lives. Awesome. :)[/MINOR SPOILER]

But anyway, here's a bit upbeat (even though the show itself certainly isn't that all the time) taste of what it's like:

Now I'll bid you goodnight, I must go make sure Saoirse (my eight-month-old kitty who underwent sterilization today) doesn't rip open her stitches or do anything else stupid as she's still a bit wobbly.
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Mmh, during the past week or so I've had so much going on in my head I've been dying to write down but haven't had time, strength or possibility to do so due to a) spending the Christmas at my mom's place b) falling once again mysteriously ill (another of those strange and unexplainable muscle cramp spells plus a high fever, this time I even had to spend some time at the medical center under surveillance, oh joy) c) probably as an after-effect of said illness, being generally lethargic and tired.

But anyway. Rant time.
I bought the second book of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, New Moon, for myself as a Christmas present and realized something a bit surprising while reading it. In case there's someone who wants to read it and hasn't yet reading this, I'll put the spoilery parts under a cut.

Beauty and the Beasts )

But yes, what I actually realized was that I once again rebelled against the canon "main couple" and rooted for the underdog. When I started to think about it, I do that quite a lot.
It's actually very rarely that I support "the good ship" if there is an interesting alternative available.

Let's see...
Arwen and Aragorn? Boring! Éowyn and Faramir all the way.
One of the biggest faults of the otherwise brilliant movie trilogy was what they did to Faramir, including his beautiful romance with Éowyn which actually is the only visible romance there is in the book. They walk together in the garden and on the city walls, they talk, they confess to each other their dreams and fears, they even banter. What's not to love?

Jean and Scott? Well, pretty much anything involving good ol' Slim is enough to bore anyone into tears.
Plus, while I know perfectly well that by a long run the whole idea of Jean and Logan is completely absurd, his undying, unrequited love and devotion for her is something truly amazing. But well, my main ship in that fandom is Gambit/Rogue anyway. They're way too fucked-up and complicated to probably ever become boring. :D

Jack and Kate? Jate is fate, my ass. They don't even bore me, they make me cringe.
Jack makes me wish he would die a painful death every time he's on screen, and every time Kate is with him, I want to slap her. She completely forgets she's a competent badass bitch and becomes a sniveling, simpering wuss who practically grovels for his acceptance, and he doesn't help by patronizing her. What a great romance. *rolls eyes* And I don't say this just because I'm a so-called Skater, I'd be completely pleased if she ran off with Sayid or something, as long as it isn't Jack. But I hope beyond hope that she would stick with Sawyer. *sigh*

Will and Elizabeth... well, don't even get me started on them! Because that would never end.

In Harry Potter I could never care less about the relationships between the protagonists, it was always the side characters I found more intriguing anyway.

Actually, I think that out of all my 'ships, only Buffy and Angel have been a "good ship", and them I started shipping when I was 14 or something. Drizzt and Catti-brie are generally accepted as the main couple now (after years of indecisive on-offness, thoug), but they weren't that originally and Wulfgar was still around for a long time even after their relationship started to develop.
Shipping is pretty illogical business, and not all of my ships follow the same pattern, but most of them do. I've come to the conclusion that I usually root for relationships that are based on good companionship and/or some kind of deeper connection, mutual understanding. Which probably isn't all that surprising, considering that's the kind of love I would like to find one day. *chuckle*

Mmh. I had much more to write/rant about, but my brain's apparently not functioning properly again. Could be my screwed-up sleeping pattern, I woke up at midnight so I'm starting to feel a bit dizzy. I can't go to sleep yet, though, otherwise I'll never regain a normal pattern.
New Year's Eve tomorrow. I have no idea where I'll be. Possibly in Laitila, possibly in here. With Tommi I'm apparently at odds again at least. He saw himself justified to get mad at me because I couldn't answer the phone when I was at the med center. Pshh, whatever. He's not my pack leader.

I somehow don't want this year to end. Or actually, I don't want year 2008 to start.
I don't know why, I just have a strange, uncomfortable feeling about it.
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WARNING: PotC rant ahead, feel free to skip.

Bloody hell, maybe getting into the PotC fandom was a wrong move because I've become such a shipper that I will probably scream bloody murder and throw waffles at the screen if Will and Elizabeth are going to have another of those sickening happily-ever-after goddamn Disney fairytale endings.
Okay, maybe not a shipper (although have no doubt, I'm a so-called Sparrabether through and through), more like an anti-W/E shipper. Those two are just so... wrong. And uninteresting. And mismatched. And wrong. I'd rather have her end up with James (no, really. Norrie is love <3). Or Gibbs. Or Barbossa. Or Jack the Monkey.
C'mon. He's a whelp. She's a bloody Pirate Queen.
*takes several deep breaths to calm down* Okay, here's to hoping the ending really will be surprising/unpredictable, bittersweet (and not in "Oh, I wub u forevah, Will, my beloved honey-pumpkin, but we can't be together because you're the Captain of the Flying Dutchman so we can only see each other once in 10 years so I'll stay here on some remote island playing a nice little faithful housewife raising our son, William III." way, because that just sucks) and kick-ass.
Ted, Terry, Jerry, Gore. I have faith in you. Please don't let me down.

Okay, rant over. Whew.


That boy is haunting my dreams again. Or still. Why?
He made a cameo again last night. He wasn't really present in the dream but he was mentioned, which is quite weird as the dream was mostly about me and Ella and Valtsu touring with Finntroll for some weird reason. At some point, by the way, I ended up on the stage playing bass and Ella playing keyboards.
As I said, weird. (And no, Suvi, Vreth wasn't there. I only remember Routa and Skrymer and Wilska who was in the audience.)

Hmm, I think I remember something else about that dream as well. It had places I've seen in my dreams before. Like that little dell full of yellow irises (only without the irises this time) by a small lake that I once found in a dream where I was road-tripping through North Karelia with [livejournal.com profile] suomigoth. And that country road passing through some fields where I walked once with Tuomas, near the house with the garden where I had been sitting next to some berry bushes and talking with his mother.
My dreams are strange.

In addition to strange dreams, my life has been quite uneventful lately (I've been mostly sitting home playing Baldur's Gate II and Lionheart), save the previous couple of weekends.
On the Saturday the 14th (yeah, not exactly Friday the 13th) I went with Ella to see a Tarot gig to Old Texas. Although I'm quite a Tarot newbie, I admit, I enjoyed the gig (even though some brilliantly intelligent person decided to throw their beer on me). It also seems like mine and Ella's gig mojo returned as after the show some drunken fella in his thirties made it his holy quest to get us the guys' autographs. I feel quite sorry for the poor guys as the fella was rather persistent-bordering-irritating. No wonder Zachary was apparently feeling a bit grumpy.
But Marco. Dude, if Zac's rather temperamental, the little bro is the embodiment of good-natured Zen.
And if said embodiment of good-natured Zen comes to you with a goofy drunken smile, opens his arms and says: "Let's hug!", you don't argue. :D Marco rocks.

Another event was Åbo By Night last weekend. What a brilliant concept: a WoD larp where the vampires express themselves by... singing karaoke!
We were only extras, playing quickly made up mortal goth youths. I put my Karelian dialect in practice again by playing a folklore student from Joensuu. It was fun.
The members of the Brujah clan were naturally loud, fun-loving metal fans and at one point they performed Hevimies together. And I shall never forget how the Prince of Turku (a fancy-pants Toreador himself) got up to the stage and performed Tsingis-Khan. :D

Oh, and good news! If I'm lucky, I should have internet in my own flat within a week!
So maybe I'll see you around again sooner than you think. Now I'm off to home.
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Ja vaihteeksi muutama testi:

Take the quiz: "Which vampire from the Vampire Chronicles By Anne Rice are you?"

You are Marius. Marius is a Child of the Millennia, or one of the few vampires who make it through more than a thousand years, and actually, Marius is over 2500 years old, having seen centuries of war, religion, plague, and disaster, and is somewhat disillusioned by it. He claims to have no religion, and was once a grand painter in Venice, before his happiness was destroyed by a Satanist Roman coven. Marius' sorrows are many, but he tries to find peace in a chaotic modern world. He is essentially the govenor of Those Who Must Be Kept until they are both eventually destroyed. Mon Amour, Marius, such pain!


You are Gabrielle!
So how was the Amazon anyway? You are Gabrielle!
You hate being tied down in anyway to anything.
You love exploring. More power to ya, girl!

Which Anne Rice vampire are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla


You are - Armand!
You're misunderstood in many ways. Difficulties in
your past has influenced the guarded person
you've become. You only let the real you out to
those you trust. But when you do let your real
self be known you're a beautiful person. A
giving friend and close companion.

Which Anne Rice Vampire are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

...ja enemmän kuin hiukan hullu. Eeh...?
Tämä alkaa käydä mielenkiintoiseksi.
No, yhtä vastausta vaihtamalla olisin ollut Marius.

Marius de Romanus is your perfect companion. As an
ancient, Marius has seen the centuries go by.
He likes art and beauty and originates from
ancient Rome. He's intelligent and respectful
and often very affectionate.

Which Anne Rice vampire is your ideal companion? (With pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

I think I see a pattern here...

No jaa, eiköhän tuo riitä. Olen siis Marius. Fine.
Luen muuten parhaillaan Pandoraa. Siinä on yksi mielenkiintoinen nainen.
Tämä kirja antaa hänelle lopultakin persoonallisuuden, sillä muissa kirjoissa hän on ollut vain se salaperäinen, hauraanoloinen kaunotar, jota Marius palvoo.
Oikeasti Pandora on älykäs, sarkastinen, itsepäinen ja peloton hahmo joka tekee mitä mieleen juolahtaa itseluottamusta uhkuen. Tai näin oli ainakin siihen asti kun hänestä tuli kuolematon, sitä edemmäs en ole vielä ehtinyt.

Oh well, pitää varmaan mennä syömään jotain etten pyörry taas...


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