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I posted this same thing a couple of years ago, but it's so awesome it bears repeating:

To celebrate the (100th, wow) International Women's Day, I wanted to share this with all of you ladies (and well, why not gentlemen as well) out there. Sydney, Buffy, Veronica, Kara and Zoë show us how it's done. ♥

For those who can't be bothered to download it (which I would recommend, as the quality is infinitely better), here's the YouTube version:

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I think I'm starting to get a cabin fever from all this extra free time in my hands this week. So I obsess over things at random, latest obsession being Band of Brothers (HBO 2001).
I haven't watched it as I sadly do not have it in my possession (as soon as I have money again I'll order it from Play.com as a belated birthday present for myself, I swear), but somebody posted a BoB picspam on [livejournal.com profile] fandom_picspams a couple of days back and there I went again.
I've seen it two or three times now, but it's one of those films/series that actually benefits from multiple viewings as it has such a huge ensemble cast it's a bit difficult to keep track on who's who among the skinny, dark-haired white guys in nearly identical combat gear.
So when you watch it again and start to connect the names with the faces, you'll probably also find yourself going: "Wait a minute, is that...?" Yeah, it probably is.

Yup, the terrifying Speirs is none other than Matthew Settle from Gossip Girl (guess getting to play one of the baddest badasses of the 20th century is a once in a lifetime opportunity and after it you have to take what you get...). Yeah, that's Michael Fassbender hanging out in the background, smoking cigarettes and cracking jokes with his friends as Burton 'Pat' Christenson. Yes, it's Andrew-Lee Potts who gets brutally and unnecessarily killed in The Last Patrol. Jamie Bamber is the hapless German-American POW who gets offered some very fatal cigarettes (EDIT: Oops, sorry, no he isn't. He played Captain Jack Foley and that POW just looks way too much like him), and Tom Hardy is Janovec who is found humping some German floozy by Speirs. Marc Warren, Simon Pegg and James McAvoy also appear, as well as Jimmy Fallon. It's sick. :D

But anyway, I didn't even plan to babble about anything, I was just supposed to post this, because... well, it's amazing and Roe is ♥.

Oh, btw: I'm feeling a bit better now although I'm apparently anemic. Nothing some extra iron won't fix, though.
I still need to have an ultrasound scan and maybe some other examinations done, but I think I should be okay and can go back to work tomorrow.

ETA: Now that I think of it, maybe my little brother becoming the third reserve officer of my immediate family (this is the fourth generation) has something to do with this obsession. Only a little, though, probably. *shrug*
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 I've spent the last three days at home on sick leave (well, on Monday I worked for three hours before I had to give up).
It's a welcome (and currently much needed) break even though I've really started to enjoy my job, but I can't help feeling guilty so I can't really relax.

And what's wrong with me? I don't really know. I've suspected for a while now everything isn't quite right with me physically, but a couple of weeks ago I was getting ready to run some errands, taking my time putting on make-up and all, when I suddenly felt like someone had stabbed me in the chest right above my left breast. At first I wasn't worried, that kind of stuff probably happens occasionally to everyone. But those stabs kept on coming and I started to get scared. So I called 112 and got visited by some nice paramedics. They didn't discover anything life-threatening but told me to get the day off anyway and go see a nurse. The nurse suspected gallstones and booked me a doctor's appointment just in case, advising me to watch what I eat a bit.

The next two weeks went by quite normally, with only some discomfort , occasional random "stabs" in my torso and a nagging feeling that something isn't quite right in my abdomen.
I went to see the doctor on Friday and had blood tests and ECG taken. Her initial suspicion was that there's something wrong with my diaphragm, which would explain as all the worst stuff is focused on the left side and the "stabs" are often worse when I inhale. I'll only get the test results tomorrow so I went to work on Monday despite having been in a lot of pain over the weekend, but like I said, I lasted only three hours before I started having difficulty breathing because of the pain.

Now, I suffer from anxiety disorder so it was probably just that, the pain and stress at not knowing what's going on having triggered it. But it has effectively rendered me unable to work, which really sucks. I know, it's not my fault and I'm not just shirking my duties. But... gah. We really need every cent we can get at the moment, and I'm not paid for the days I'm not working. So, as they say in the army... SNAFU. :p
I'm just so tired all the time now, and just want to know what's wrong with me so I can deal with it and move on. *sigh*


Okay, to avoid being a complete Debbie Downer, there HAS been something positive lately as well.

1.) As I said, I think I'm starting to figure things out at the bookstore. The bosses have started to trust me more and give me more responsibility. Now if I only can sort these health problems out, I think I may have a chance at getting a real part-time job there. So yay. :)

2.) I finally got around to watching North & South (BBC 2004) completely. I'd seen a part or two of it years ago when they showed it on telly, but my memories were really fuzzy. Anyway, to those of you who don't know: it''s a four-part miniseries based on the book by Elizabeth Gaskell. Its premise is similar to Pride & Prejudice with all the pride and prejudice and misunderstandings before the lovers finally get together, but it's also a hella lot darker and grittier. The setting is mostly a smoky industrial town in Northern England in the 1850s, so the Austenian Regency lightness is absent. People also get beaten up and killed and whatnot left and right.
But the leads Richard Armitage (as John Thornton) and Daniela Denby-Ashe (as Margaret Hale) are really gorgeous and amazing and have a delicious BST going on. Here, have a look:

(that's gotta be the raciest Victorian handshake between people who claim to kinda dislike each other EVER :D)

And I'm not even going to talk about the ending because you have to see it for yourself. But if you want to discuss it in the comments, you are very welcome. ;)
I can't say this about many men, but Richard Armitage does funny things to my heart. *swoon* If/when someone ever deides to film Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, I will cry foul if anyone else is chosen to play the Raven King John Uskglass.

But anyway, if you haven't yet watched it and generally like pretty period dramas etc., do watch it. It also has a really pretty score. <3

3.) I ordered the first one of the Being Human tie-in novels from work and it was awesome. There were minor glitches like Mitchell snagging blood bags to snack on from the hospital and George being Annie's go-to guy when she needs comfort (okay, it does make more sense in the timeline of the second series), but otherwise the atmosphere was really authentic and it was great to have that little extra glimpse into their lives, with all the darkness and sweetness, humor and tragedy the show has. The three books form a single storyline despite having separate settings so of course I immediately had to order the next two as well. :D


Okay, I guess that was it for now. Next time I'll answer your questions, [livejournal.com profile] liduen_loivissa . :)
Just one more thing before I go, just because this song is amazing. Spoiler alert, though:
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More videospamming, woohoo!
I just encountered my favourite vid maker's (and I don't say that lightly, she's good) YouTube account and decided to share her work.
You want sexy vampires? I'll show you sexy vampires!

Queen of the Damned is so underappreciated. And I say this as an Anne Rice fan.
All of Kristin's stuff available for download here.

/EDIT: Whoops, I accidentally posted a wrong video. I meant to post this. But no matter, they're all equally brilliant and sexy.
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This video makes me weirdly happy. That's all.

(Spoilers, obviously.)
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Today is not a good day.

In fact, that statement applies to far too many days recently, which is the main reason to the long radio silence lately. I'm sorry about that.
You see, I started an internship/practical training at our local music library about a month ago. Shouldn't be a problem, right?

Well, unfortunately it was. It's not the job itself, as shelving books, CDs and sheet music and occasionally pointing someone to the right direction is one of the easiest jobs there is, and the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. It's just... for some reason I apparently had forgotten about my SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder, that is) during the year I spent on sick leave, or somehow assumed it wouldn't be a problem. And well, in a way I was right to assume that because I don't think it has ever been this bad before. This time I've actually often had full-on panic/anxiety attacks. One day I actually blacked out for a moment for hyperventilating so much. *chuckle*
Thank goodness I managed to break the vicious circle of not being able to go to work -> getting even more anxious and told my boss about it and she cut down my work hours, and also went to see a doctor and got some meds. And it is better now, I'm calmer and have managed to go to work and actually stay there most of the time, but naturally there is no miracle drug for a problem like this.

Which leads me to why today is not a good day: like I said, I got some prescripted meds, and as you might know, sedatives, antidepressants and such usually have some not-so-nice side effects at first. Mine are among other things supposed to help me sleep better and without any nightmares, but the downside is that I may also oversleep and be dizzy and nauseous when I wake up. Doesn't exactly help me be at work on time, even though I only have to be there at 2 PM. Of course it's also partially my fault because I haven't remembered to take the meds early enough in the evening.

And today? As usual, I slept too long, and when Tommi tried to nicely wake me up, I just growled something not very polite at him and kept sleeping as I wasn't feeling too good. It's only natural that he got upset, and I can understand very well that I'm not the easiest person to live with right now. *sigh* But anyway... Even though I was already late, I got up and started getting ready to go to work anyway, all the while Tommi was sulking around and practically projecting stormclouds from his forehead. I apologized for being a bitch and explained, but it didn't seem to soften him much. And one thing that is guaranteed to make me crumble: people I care about being mad at me. So yeah, bye bye being responsible and going to work. *sigh* And now I'm sitting here hating myself and fighting anxiety nausea. Yay.

We're also supposed to drive to Lappeenranta to a Halloween party tonight with some friends, which isn't exactly easing my mind because I know people will be bitching about the late hour we can finally start the journey (and even later hour we'll finally be there since the journey takes 5-6 hours). Well, I'm sorry, but Tommi has to be at work till 9.30 PM. Sometimes people have to work, you know.
And besides, the original plan was to leave on Saturday morning, which I still think would have been the smartest choice. But nevermind. *rolls eyes*
It's also my birthday tomorrow, and I must say I don't have very high hopes about having a great birthday since everyone else - being typical Finns - will probably be drunk off their asses, which is something I'm not really into even if I wasn't on those meds. :/

That reminded me that I have to go shop mine and Tommi's food for the weekend. Well, at least then I won't be sitting here feeling sorry for myself.

So, bye for now. I will really try to update more often in future, and actually write non-whiny entries. :p

Happy Halloween, kittens. <3

edit: This song was probably the best possible choice to cheer me up right now, so thanks Last.fm:

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(I'm at Tommi's computer because mine is a piece of crap and I'm not used to his keyboard, so apologies in advance for any typos.)

Guys, I have a dilemma.
A similar one than you had a while back, [livejournal.com profile] suomigoth , as in someone from my past just added me on Facebook and I'm unsure about what I should do.
You see, the thing is a bit complicated. Some of you probably know who I'm talking about, but... a couple of years ago there was this guy. Not a boyfriend or anything, but for a little while we were fierce close, like a brother and sister perhaps. But the thing is, he also was a manipulative bastard with sociopathic tendencies and he managed to fuck a lot of things up, turn people against each other and such. Eventually he went away somewhere, don't know where because at that point he was already at the top of my shit list (I don't care who you are, you simply just DON'T mess with my friends) but now he seems to be back and wanting to reconnect with people.
I mean... I'm wary, hella wary. But also kind of curious because of course he managed to find just the right words to invoke my interest. But why should I want to hear his tale of woe from these past couple of years? Whatever he's been through, I'm pretty sure he brought it upon himself.
But on the other hand it would be interesting to see if he's changed at all, or will he be back to his old wiles if you give him the smallest of chances. I mean, I see right through his crap so he can't manipulate me, and I'm not afraid of him anyway because I know for a fact that I am stronger than him, but... the bond between us was really strong, and probably still exists on some level, so that's a little unsettling. So what to do, what to do?


Ah, yeah, anyways... So, I've been living with Tommi for nearly three weeks now, and yes, that's what I've been alluding to in my previous posts. Yeah, it happened a bit fast considering we've only been dating less than a year, but it was pretty much out of necessity. You see, [livejournal.com profile] jupedog , the flatmate of my sister/flatmate [livejournal.com profile] casanovasi 's boyfriend [livejournal.com profile] partaveikko decided to move to Mikkeli with his girlfriend, so [livejournal.com profile] partaveikko needed a new residence within a month's notice, and since he'd been already practically living at our place for a couple of months... Yeah, I needed a new flat ASAP, and because at this time of the year it's basically impossible to find a single-room apartment, I needed a flatmate. Therefore, the boy moved to Turku with me.
I don't really mind, our new flat is really nice, with sauna and central heating and all, and I really don't miss the noise of the city (welcome back, rustling of wind in the treetops and sounds of aeroplanes swooping overhead - if only those goddamn fighter jets would GTFO from doing those practice flights in the middle of the night >_<) and all the nuisance musty old house brought with it.
Also living together has so far been surprisingly effortless, but I should probably knock on wood because domestic bickering is inevitable at some point (thank god we have similar tastes in furniture etc. :p), and I do admit it's been a bit tough to get used to lack of personal territory and complete control over my finances (basically he pays the rent, I get the groceries and other domestic stuff). It also annoys me to no end that legally we're more or less considered married now, and his income affects my allowances etc. Stupid outdated laws.
(But I have to say, every time I see the names "DAHLSTRÖM MÄKINEN" in our front door I have to grin to myself a little. Fate works in mysterious ways sometimes.)


Tonight was the final gig of Nightwish's Dark Passion Play tour. I had a ticket, but I had to sell it at the last minute due to being broke ATM. But somehow I don't even feel bad about it. So much has changed during these past couple of years it would probably have been mostly a bittersweet experience. Heh, I was just listening to David Guetta & Akon's Sexy Bitch (I blame Alexander Skarsgård, or at the very least this video, it's freaking addictive!) and was vividly reminded of mine and Vera's misadventures in the Helsinki night with Aine and James two years ago. Dancing at the posh penthouse nightclub with (Finnish, don't get too excited) celebrities all around, oh my. xD It would have been funny to see if something like that would have happened again.
But yeah... When it comes down to it, it's probably best I didn't go. If I'm completely honest with myself, I would pretty much have gone only to see Tanja, Patricia, Ricarda and everyone. And maybe Apocalyptica. It's really sad in a way because the band used to mean so much to me. The irony is palpable. Ah well...


I also have some thoughts on True Blood considering the final three episodes and the series in general, but I'll probably post them in a separate entry as I really should be sleeping already. Last night I stayed up all night and then slept half the day, oops. Tommi being out of town is clearly not good for my sleeping pattern. :p

So, goodnight kittens, and also sorry for being such a lousy (LJ) friend lately, been busy with the flat and all. :/

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Okay, onto the second post then...
I have some pretty serious (no, no, no one's died or anything, don't worry) recent stuff to write about, but since I still need to mull over it inside my head for a while and I'm really bursting to get this off my chest, first I have some advertising for you.

Being Human. I mean, wow.

I don't suppose very many of you (in addition to you new people on my flist <3) have heard of this little gem of a TV show, so allow me to tell you about it...

Meet Mitchell (first name John but no one really calls him that), a laid-back porter in a Bristol hospital. He appears to be in his mid-twenties; a tall, handsome young man with wavy dark hair, wiry build and a soft Irish brogue. He's quick to smile and laugh, very caring toward his friends and great with kids. Oh, and also manages to look great in yellow.

His best mate is George Sands. He also works as a porter in the hospital despite his high level of education (he speaks six languages fluently) and IQ of 156. George is... well, a bit geeky. He wears glasses, is quite pedantic and socially awkward, and has a habit of starting to stutter when he gets nervous. He's also Jewish, though he has lately started to doubt his faith.

The boys share their flat with Annie, a sweet-natured and sort of innocently childlike former student of design with some self-confidence issues and an obsessive-compulsive habit of making tea. She's a bit agoraphobic and still hung up on her ex.

So, what's the catch, you ask?

Well... Mitchell has been a vampire since 1916 (hee!) when he was "recruited" during the First World War (he went through with it so save his squadron), but has recently been struggling to keep on the wagon and not kill anyone. Against all odds he teamed up with George, another outcast from humanity for having had the bad luck to get scratched by a werewolf on a holiday trip to Scotland (never go walking on the Scottish moors alone on a night of full moon!) two years ago. By some coincidence they happened to move in to the very house where one Anna Sawyer had fallen down the stairs to her untimely death, also two years ago...

Together they form an adorable, hilarious trio of friends and flatmates, trying to live normal life the best they can despite their respective supernatural states and the problems they bring. It's... absolutely awesome.
It's dark, it's funny, it's brilliant, it's strangely realistic. It has well-rounded characters (for once a TV vampire isn't defined by his vampiredom, Mitchell feels every bit like a real person), some great music choices (most of which are sadly missing on the DVD version, boo), awesome dialogue and some stellar acting.
I can only highly recommend it, it's the best thing I've watched since Life on Mars probably (if we don't count DW, that is). Too bad there's only six 56-minute episodes so far, in addition to the pilot with different actors for Mitchell (a bit more enigmatic and emo) and Annie (a bit more frail). Eight more are to come in next January, though, and I already can't bloody wait.

There's just something about British productions that I'm drawn to. I mean, I can't basically even watch American tv anymore after being spoiled with the likes of Doctor Who, Life on Mars, Hex, all those stunning period dramas (the latest in line being the gorgeous The Devil's Whore) and now this. No offense meant to any Americans, but British tv just somehow feels so much more real even if it was about witches, vampires or time-travel.
Of course there are exceptions, but one good example are IMHO relationships. In British tv there are often some delightfully subtle love stories in the good old "will they-won't they" vein, or simply some amazing, realistically layered friendships. [MINOR SPOILER]For example, on Being Human there's a cute moment when two of the main characters accidentally kiss. Okay, it's certainly there on purpose, but while in some American show it would have most likely lead to a loaded moment of UST and heaving bosoms, here they just simply laugh it off with genuine affection and carry on with their (un-)lives. Awesome. :)[/MINOR SPOILER]

But anyway, here's a bit upbeat (even though the show itself certainly isn't that all the time) taste of what it's like:

Now I'll bid you goodnight, I must go make sure Saoirse (my eight-month-old kitty who underwent sterilization today) doesn't rip open her stitches or do anything else stupid as she's still a bit wobbly.
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So. A new layout. And some new people on my friends list. Hello! *waves* And welcome. :)

Since I haven't updated in more than a month I have so much to write about that it's probably best to divide it to several posts, otherwise it'd be the longest and most confusing post ever.

Anyways... [profile] shadow_wolfess  was here for the weekend, as she attended Ruisrock (for those who don't know, Ruisrock is the second oldest rock festival in Europe and one of the oldest in the world having been held in my hometown every year since 1970) and was in need of a place to crash. 
It seems that with a press pass and a right amount of luck you can have some amazing experiences, judging by the things she told me about Friday night. Though without some balls and initiative I suppose you don't get very far, even if you have the luck of the Irish. :p
Anyway, as her Russian journalist friends left on Saturday already, I could have the press and backstage passes from one of them for Sunday. It was an interesting experience, although not as glamorous as some people might imagine.

I mean, I did love watching Gogol Bordello perform from the stage (with Lauri Porra and Timo Kotipelto from Stratovarius standing right next to me :D) for example, but all those musicians buzzing around the backstage are just people, having lunch and going to the loo just like anyone else. Talented/eccentric/charismatic people maybe, but people nevertheless. (Okay, maybe I would have been a bit more starstruck had I been there on Friday to see... not Corey Taylor or anyone from Slipknot or Disturbed, but Jaska Raatikainen from Children of Bodom. That guy just has this weird thing about him that makes me go all gooey anytime I even see a picture of him. Strange.) I don't know if I would have reacted differently to the Faith No More members, but guess I'll never know because they wanted everyone "extra" out of their backstage, including us who only had Slipknot stage passes. Ah well.

(Side note: If you ever get a chance to catch Gogol Bordello live, don't miss it! They're phenomenal live, a mere CD doesn't do justice to their music, they're a lot like Flogging Molly in that sense. And even though you perhaps couldn't guess it judging by his looks Eugene Hütz is one hella charismatic frontman, and all that frantic bouncing around the stage has given him an incredibly ripped, yet wiry torso. Yowza. Also the new longer hairstyle becomes him. But anyway, like Flogging Molly, they also seem to genuinely enjoy performing, which is lovely to see. :) So, go!)

But it's so funny, in that ironic way, that now that I have given up my aspirations to become a music journalist and don't really follow what's going on in the scene anymore, I'm offered a chance to become one. Just as an unpaid amateur - at first anyway - but still. I did make a tentative promise to Tanja to do some translation work and maybe some gig reports for them, but I don't know if I could handle being a full-fledged journalist, I'd certainly have to work on my self-confidence and social anxiety. *chuckle*

But we'll see... Now I'll leave you with this:

(Not recorded by us, we were already waiting for the boat at that point.)

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Pure magic. <3

Two years ago they won my heart with this performance and have never since let me down. I could watch them forever, seriously.
John, Sinead. Never stop being so awesome and awesomely Scottish, and next year you'll get gold instead of bronze, eh?
Good. I have faith in you. <3
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To celebrate the International Women's Day, I wanted to share this with all of you ladies (and well, why not gentlemen too) out there. Go ahead and check it out, it's awesome. <3

EDIT: For those who can't be bothered to download it (which I would recommend, as the quality is infinitely better), here's the youtube version:

(Hmm, that reminded me: I really should get around to making that master list of fanfic, fanart and fanvid recs.)
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To celebrate the Valentine's Day (though I suppose I'm a tiny bit late) and the return of Lost:

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For the past two days (well, nights really as the bloody transition to winter time completely screwed up my sleeping pattern again) I've been mostly sitting at computer and watching videos like that from YouTube and wondering if I've been missing something essential in my life for having never truly been in love, having never been involved in any kind of romantic relationship.
I have loved, and that love has made me laugh and cry, desperate and elated. My friends, my pack, they mean the whole world to me. I've had crushes and been attracted to people, been fascinated with people and felt connected to them on various levels. But I don't think I've ever been in love. I don't know if it's because I just haven't met the right person so to speak, or because I haven't allowed myself to fall in love.
Maybe a bit of both.

Maybe I have missed some valuable lessons and experiences for having not pursued the chances that I've been given but I still think that it wouldn't have felt right. And before you accuse me of being silly and naïve for expecting my one true love, the knight in the shining armor, to one day come and sweep me off my feet, let me tell you I've pretty much given up hope on ever finding a soulmate.
But I would like to one day know what it feels like to love so fiercely that it breaks your heart, to kiss someone and mean it, to be able to give and receive affection without restraints, to trust enough to give yourself completely into someone else's hands. I wish I had the courage to try.

This is a subject I'd like to write more about, but right now I'm so dizzy and tired that I'm quite unable to form coherent thoughts, let alone write them down into understandable sentences. Maybe I'll edit this later.
(And gods, this song makes me cry.)
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Ow, my feet.
Remind me to wear comfortable and practical shoes the next time I decide to randomly walk through half the city.

But despite my poor aching limbs, I had a great time tonight.
For starters I finally managed to join the Call of Cthulhu campaign and it was really fun despite my occasional freezing and stuttering because I don't quite know how to play Betsy (heh, I almost wrote "Lizzie" because I'm so accustomed to call all Elizabeths that) yet.
But I think it went pretty well, awkward silences and all. Tommi is a good GM, I've missed challenging and atmospheric RPGs. I'll still miss the Forgotten Realms campaign, though, now that mine and Samuel's school puts it effectively in ice again. We were just about to get into Murann and Ishra and Kieran had had their nice little bonding moment in the outskirts of the elf woods of Suldanessallar, meh.

Anyways, afterwards we left Venla to sleep at Tommi's and headed to Dante's Corner where we stayed until it closed at midnight. Tommi went back home to sleep, taking our guest star Timo with him, but the rest of us didn't want the night to be over yet so we proceeded to Bristol.
There we had some really interesting discussions and debates, like faith vs. science and sense vs. sensibility. Funnily enough I was in the Camp Rational with Samuel "against" the Camp Emotional formed by Ella and Mervi. The main difference is, I guess, that me and Samuel want answers to the mysteries of the universe while Ella and Mervi are content with the world as it is. They don't need to know how things work (like Samuel), or why they work like they do (like me).

It was really a discussion we all would have happily continued, but Mervi's ride came to fetch her home and Ella went too. I could have gone with Ella to crash at her place (my last bus had gone ages ago), but I decided to stay with Samppa and we started wandering aimlessly around while continuing from where we left off in the bar.
We followed the riverbank upriver, passing some positively Where The Wild Roses Grow-esque places, and before we even realized, we were almost in Halinen. Then we walked almost to Runosmäki and then back to Aninkaistensilta where we parted and I walked back home to Runosmäki.

I have to say that walking home alone through dark woods with only heat lightnings and a pale, misty moon as sources of light is quite an interesting experience after playing Cthulhu. *chuckle*
But I could at least be pretty sure it was only my imagination running wild that made me flinch at every tiny sound and moving shadow, unlike earlier when we had walked past some random bushes. I'd suddenly had a strong, completely irrational and unexplainable chilling feeling that made me glance around skittishly. I mentioned it to Samuel and he admitted he had felt the same way. Very interesting, I say... And also very creepy, as the last time I remember feeling like that resulted in me, Ella and Aki running for our lives out of the castle grounds three years ago. *wry smile*

*yawn* Once again I had a lot more to write about, having been computerless for three weeks and all, but it's 6 AM already so I'd better go to sleep. First schoolday after all.
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That was... That was... Wow. *lower lip trembles*
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[Error: unknown template video]
*is laughing her ass off*

Maybe the best birthday party ever.
I'm just sorry I couldn't enjoy it more, being in this annoying state of all-consuming apathy and crumbling physical health.
But I love you guys anyway. <3

*giggles at the pineapple + rum combination*


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