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 Because I have nothing else to do at the moment (except study for the Art History exam, but shh!), I might as well continue talking to myself in the form of a running BSG commentary just to get it out of my system.

First things first: Michelle Forbes was characteristically fabulous in the role of Admiral Helena Cain. Something of a typecast, sure, but she does those scary-yet-somehow-sympathetic roles oh so well. When she interacted with Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, it was pure magic. To be a geek for a moment: if that negotiation scene had come down to a charisma roll, the result would have been anyone's guess.
The whole Adama vs. Cain thing was also really fascinating. Even though Cain came across as something of a totalitarian feminazi, all of her actions were logical and understandable in context, and in fact it was Adama who came across as more unreasonable of the two, especially concerning military discipline. Which, of course, is also understandable in context. Though if we are to draw a conclusion that Adama's sometimes zealous "family (my crew, that is) comes first" attitude comes from his Tauron heritage based on what we learned from Caprica, it doesn't make much sense in this case because Cain is apparently Tauron as well. Unless her family is from the other side of the civil war thing and therefore her whole approach is fundamentally different. Who knows.

In any case, the appearance of the Battlestar Pegasus really, really mixed things up and good. Probably the only good results of that mess were rather superficial military victories (including another battlestar to guard the fleet, sure), a thousand-odd souls more to the population count and Adama and Roslin getting closer. They're probably the healthiest (pseudo-)couple on this show right now (and probably in future as well, 'cuz it's not like she's gonna die in the next episode), and that's saying something. (Also, I hear that little kiss was completely improvised by Olmos. Awesome.)

These three episodes (and especially Jacob's TWoP recaps) really drove home the point of just how much of co-dependent siblings Kara and Lee really are. I mean, I love it because I love unusual and multilayered character dynamics, but taking into account all the other emotional crap they have both individually and together right now, it's not very healthy. Billie Doux suggested in her recap that Lee needs a new lover to get over his suicidal funk (Hey Adama, I think you broke your son.), preferably Kara. I'm certainly not averse to them getting it on, but in this situation it would most likely cause even more damage to them both (Adama? I think you broke your surrogate daughter too, just so you know.) emotionally. So agreeing to take a little distance for a while would be probably the best solution.

However, I'm decidedly not liking how heavy-handedly they're pushing Lee/Dualla, mostly because it came way far out from the left field with little to no real build-up. Sure she checked out his bum in that one episode a while ago, but then who wouldn't?
That scene with her eavesdropping in the corridor at the end of Resurrection Ship pt. II was just odd because it was so ambiguous. Did she just happen to walk by and overhear and her distraught expression was just because she's worried about Lee? Was she coming to check on him and didn't expect to find Kara there so her expression is meant to portray some combination of worry + jealousy? Because if that's the case, she really should know better. Even if you knew nothing else about their relationship, the whole fleet should know by now they're the Wonder Twins. So they could have just as well dropped an anvil which reads: "Hello! Love triangle approaching!" in flashing yellow letters. Which, ugh. Like I said, I agree that they should probably take a little distance but I want that to happen civilly and organically and not at the expense of characters I like. I have no problem with throwing popcorn at the screen whenever Random Jock Guy is on it because he's such a Custom-Made Love Interest, but I really don't want Dualla's character to suffer from getting mixed in Lee's (and therefore inevitably Lee&Kara's) drama. They're enough of a soap opera on their own, and if I want to watch love triangles, I watch The Vampire Diaries or, hell, Lost. I'm willing to give the writers a benefit of doubt, but from what I've seen this far I'll say: bad writers, no cookie. Especially since all the rest was so good.

I'll probably come back to add something I forgot to say later, but I guess it's all here for now.
Also, I guess it's time to make BSG its own "fandom:" tag.
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