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 Okay, so. The big epic Being Human post. Since we're getting a new episode tomorrow I'd better do it now or I'll never get around to do it.

Where to even start?
It's back and it's glorious and after the gloomy and uneven second series and the long, long break it's so wonderful to see it's back in top form. Because at its best, Being Human is probably the best thing on TV lately. The quality of writing and acting, the sense of realism despite the supernatural themes, the inspired music choices (Girlfriend In A Coma? Genius!)...

I mean, I realize it's not for everyone. Some people want complete polished escapism from their TV shows, and Being Human is sometimes brutally real, shoving in your face very real issues and situations, and the characters are sometimes morons and do ugly things (and I mean in a REAL way, not in a sitcom way) because that's what being human is sometimes.

That's also why I'm bit iffy on the Syfy remake. I just feel it's unnecessary and I'm afraid it's not going to be able to get the point across as well. For example, the main trio all look like underwear models. Even George Josh. (Yeah, I know, I know. Anything else just wouldn't be profitable in the US and all that.) And from the clips I've seen, the chemistry just isn't there and none of them comes across as particularly likable.

Aidan just seems to be channeling Edward Cullen (or maybe Bill Compton), while Mitchell's whole point is that he's this huge happy-go-lucky Irish dork who looks after his friends and invites the whole neighborhood for tea and wears yellow and coos at babies, but then he's also a volatile, vicious blood addict who can slaughter that same neighborhood in a blink of an eye if you piss him off too badly.
I don't sense that kind of layers in Aidan. (Aidan the Syfy vampire, that is. Aidan Turner certainly has them.)

And Sally is whiny and self-absorbed and Josh's "awkward" behaviour is completely unrealistic and let's leave it at that. :p


"Thank goodness for Terry Pratchett." )

So, agree? Disagree? Did I forget something essential? I'm sure I did. Let's discuss!

Oh, I also have some fanfic recs (from the whole show) and songs I keep associating with certain characters and relationships and that I would vid if I knew how, but I think I'll make a separate post for them, this is already huge.


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